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The Las Vegas Baccarat Crawl - Aug 9th

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In Las Vegas, as elsewhere, all casino use "factory preshuffled cards" for Baccarat. The casinos do this because factory preshuffled cards favor random and casinos believe that random card can't be beat. They are very close to being right as proven by the high Baccarat casino profit rate preshuffled cards have produced. Even experienced players have no clue how to beat preshuffled cards.

But we have discovered a way to beat preshuffled cards. Not only beat them but beat them at better than a 90% win rate - the highest win rate, by far, ever achieved in the entire history of Baccarat. It is a simple, little known, mathematical trick - perfectly legal. We call it the "5 of a Kind" approach.

We would like to show you this in the Las Vegas Crawl coming up quickly Aug 9th. Hit the Upcoming Events Crawl link above.

We will be traveling the Strip in style - by Limo, to find the best games quickly.

We will be playing high stakes and moving up quickly to even higher stakes.

While entirely possible, I don't expect you to learn the 5 of a Kind system by then. You can share in the profits anyway. While you can play on your own if you want, we will be operating in Buy In teams. Join a team. The team members contribute to the buy in of an expert player. Then all members share proportionally in the profits.

No, you don't have to know anybody. Teams will be assembled and an expert 5 of a Kind player selected as the team's player.

Just sign up and show up. We'll take care of the rest. It will be a fun time while making some money to boot.

And yes, I invite you to my team. I am the designer of the 5 of a Kind system.

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