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Joining the BTC Faimly

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Hi, Ellis, Keith and the rest of the BTC family.

I've been skulking through the public forums for a few weeks now. I'm really excited and impressed with what I've been reading about you guys and from members. I really wish I could have hit the Crawl with you guys. To keep it short; I want to save up and master your system and principles. Of course, like most of us I was fooled by some con artist saying they had the best method. It turned out my 2500 bucks paid for a trend following Martingale method that I eventually found on the net for free. It works well if you have a huge bankroll and playing small bets I suppose. Anyways, like someone else stated in another post, I'm a visual or hands on learner. I was wondering if I joined as a full member, would it be possible to train in person with someone for a couple days? Taken in to a casino, or even in private - doesn't matter - to be shown visually how its done. I'm willing to fly to wherever to get it done. Pretty much I need to be groomed from beginner to professional. IF one of you guys are willing to teach me in person, I can't guarantee it will be easy but I’m willing to put in the time and hard work at home or wherever to be a great player. My goal is to play full time and attend all of your events and eventually achieve the MDB goal. To sum up, I supposed it'd be teach me, show me what you taught me, and all improvement from there.

R. Norm.

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