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NOR and "crazy shoes"--- our Vegas trip this weekend

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Hey folks-- Steve here-- the NOR Boot Camp Trainer --- Keith, Ellis and I spent the weekend in Vegas. Our goal was to look at all the things going on in the game across the country and to do some serious playing. WOW was it productive. These crazy shoes we are seeing defy many of the laws of nature. So obviously they are rigged. But, there are solutions. Using TBL-- "time before last," can be a great tool. Also, the OR count when better coordinated with what you are seeing on the tote board, can give you a sharp heads up as to those suddenly changing shoes. We are seeing some consistency in the randomity -- if that makes sense.

I've been asked this question lately, "Is NOR Dead?" " Is NOR still valid now that MDB is here?"-- The answer is definitely YES... perhaps even more so with these changes. WHY??? Because they handle 2 different scenarios and 2 different play levels.

Now, if you have NOR and MDB --- you are unstoppable. We proved that too....

Because MDB helps you know when --- what has not occurred ----- is probably going to occur..... and NOR helps you know when what has been occurring ---- is probably going to continue to occur... ( if you can wrap your head around those ideas.... ;-)

We will keep you posted...or shoot us an email......... these are some of the new things covered in the upgraded Boot Camp --

See you at the tables..

"It's more fun when you win!"

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