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Final MDB+ Rules (5 of a kind) 10/1/14

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I have conferred with our MDB+ players who have played the most shoes the most successfully

and we are in agreement as to the precise rules.

So, I'll attempt to number them here:

If you see any errors or ommissions let me know on the old MDB+ rules thread and I'll make corrections on this thread. But please do not post on this thread. Also I'll answer any questions but please ask them on the old rules thread so we can keep this thread clean. I'll include a glossary of terms used.

MDB+ Rules (5 of a kind) 10/1/14

124 progression

1.) After two 2's W/O a 3 between bet the next 2 will go 3. (212 or 22)

2.) After THREE 2+s W/O a 1 between bet the next potential 1 stays 1. (222 232 323 etc)

3.) After two 3s W/O a 2 between bet the next 2 stays 2. (33 313)

4.) After two 3s W/O a 4 between bet the next 3 goes 4. (33 313 323)

5.) After two single 1's bet the next 1iar goes double 1. (21212 31213 etc)

6.) After two double 1's bet the next single 1 stays single (2112112 etc)

7.) After two double 1's bet the next double 1 goes 3 1's. (211211211 bet on a third 1 (bet opposite)

Now that's my first stab. I'm sure some corrections will be required so have at it.

A potential 1 is an opposite following a repeat such as 21. We don't yet know if that last 1 will stay 1 or go to 2. So it is a potential 1.

3 2+s is 3 2 or mores in a row (3 2nd liners or more)

One question I have is what about an event that directly precedes the pair such as a 3222? Do we want to bet that last 2 goes 3?

I'm thinking no because we just had a 3. The shoe doesn't really owe us a 3 yet because it just produced a 3 6 plays ago and 3's are only expected once every 16 plays. I think we should wait for a third 2 and then bet the NEXT 2 goes 3. What do you think?

Remember, post on the old rules thread.

BTW, while MDB+ was designed for preshuffled cards, we have several members saying it does well on line which is regular cards.

I'm almost ready to give you my blessing but first: Do we have any BAD experiences on line?

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