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NOR Bootcamp-10/11/14

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Hi Everyone.

As I am sure we all know, Steve is continuing to run his NOR Boot-camps. I had taken a live session with him in LA back in 2012, but I thought his ideas, first mentioned in a recent MDB webinar I took with him, relating to Crazy Shoes made it worthy to do a follow-up. (FYI, the MDB webinar and manual was also time well spent). I am glad I did.

Steve has come up with not only a new manual, but a couple of different viewpoints as how you can look at NOR shoes as well as combine NOR concepts with MDB and OvT It's too soon to tell how all that will work out, as it relates to my play, but the session gave me a lot to think about,and test, and was well worth the time and money spent. I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND this updated seminar to any NOR (or MDB) players who are looking to get some new ideas as to how to handle current casino conditions.

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