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Ok so I started on this journey to try the MDB run.

The plan for me is as follows:

Starting bank of $1000 with 20 unit bankroll so $50 starting unit bet.

I will up my bet when I double my bankroll (every 20 units).

My win goal is +5 units. Stop Loss -5 units.

So the progression is as follows:

1. $1000 Bank >> $50 Units >> 4 shoes x 5 units = 20 Units = $1000 winnings

2. $2000 Bank >> $100 Units >> 4 shoes x 5 units = 20 units = $2000 winnings

3. $4000 Bank >> $200 Units >> 4 shoes x 5 units = 20 units = $4000 winnings

4. $8000 Bank >> $400 Units >> 4 shoes x 5 units = 20 units = $8000 winnings

5. $16,000 Bank >> $800 Units >> 4 shoes x 5 units = 20 units = $16,000 winnings

6. $32,000 Bank >> $1,600 Units >> 4 shoes x 5 units = 20 units = $32,000 winnings

7. $64,000 Bank >> $3,200 Units >> 4 shoes x 5 units = 20 units = $32,000 winnings

8. $128,000 Bank >> $6,400 Units >> 4 shoes x 5 units = 20 units = $128,000 winnings

9. $256,000 Bank >> $12,800 Units >> 4 shoes x 5 units = 20 units = $256,000 winnings

10. $512,000 Bank >> $25,600 Units >> 4 shores x 5 units = 20 units = $512, 000 winnings

$1,024,000 Bank

So: thats a total of 40 Shoes and 200 units.

I know that commission will need to be paid and that it will not work so "perfectly"

but the point of figuring out the above was to learn exactly or approximately how many

units it would take to make this happen and that number is around 200 UNITS.

So over the last month I have been working on getting to 200+ units in my practice

play. And I have some news to report.

I have done it. +200 units.

65 shoes: a mixture of recorded shoes on BTC, and Live hand shuffled shoes from CelticCasino.com

I only got stopped out on 7 shoes and had some shoe end up less than +5 due to a h15 quit rule that I developed. Where if I'm at 0 or better at h15 I quit. If I - at h15 then I play till stopped out or back to 0

otherwise I'm out by h15.

Other than that I played MDB using SAP to tell me to play S40, OTB4L, TB4L or Straight Repeat

I don't really have a question I just wanted to share.

I'm going to vegas November 19-26. If I can do this 3 or 4 more times before I

go That would be AWESOME!!!

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OK, just keep iron discipline. Don't let dollar signs get in the way of sound judgement. Concentrate on perfect play. Don't get rattled.

Play only when you are in peak condition to play. Get out of bad situations quicky. Play the easy tables.

It is not a contest between you and the casino. It is a contest between YOU and YOU.

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Hi guys sorry for the silence. Just got a little busy since getting back.

Long story short we left vegas up 14 units. $100 units so we were happy.

The catch was that it didn't happen at the stadium gaming. Stadium play left me up and down the whole trip

and then on our last day the machines were down for maintenance so we were forced to do our own casino crawl.

Which ended up being a blessing.

At the stadium game you have four tables going simultaneously and it proved to be too tempting for me. My greed

we highly stimulated and I would jump back in to games when I already made my +5 units and then I would start

chasing my losses. And a whole host of other bad habits. However i did learn one thing. When I am reach my win goal

or stop loss that ends my play on that shoe period. Anyway I ended our stadium play down 2 units then we went on

our crawl.

This was eye opening. We decided that we would only play on biased tables. so we looked for tables that had 15+ hands

already played and a widening SAP count. If the SAP count was close we didn't play. The table clearly needed to be biased.

So we started at the palazzo wynn and encore and walked down the strip to the Mirage, Ceasers, Bellagio, Monte Carlo.

and ended back at our hotel NYNY up 14 units.

It was a great experience. Again only playing heavily biased tables.

I need to go through my cards but the problem is once we hit our win goal or stop loss we left so I don't have table results

past that.

Anyway hope this info helps.

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