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ALL new guys - read this first!

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Directly from the private MDB forum:

QUOTE=newbacplayer;45939]I think perhaps he meant that the last in the ZZ thread is to be treated as a sporadic one in terms of the next single in the shoe [he played it as a non-sporadic one when it happened.] But it could be used to signal "sporadic" one for the next single that comes up. That's my interpretation anyway.

Still looking for basic rules for NB1-5 or even a description of what it is. Thanks

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Directly from the MDB Private Baccarat Forum:

I have received a couple PM's asking how to play MDB+ on mackem's shoes, so here is an example for one of the games he posted. I initially just went through his list and in a few minutes could identify the MDB+ signals and whether each one won or not. For the attached shoe, i wrote out all the plays and marked the signals just like i would in a casino. I chose this shoe because it has several signals, both for streaks and ZZs. This shoe had 8 signals, and each one of them won for a 42% PA.

Correct! For those wanting to know how to do the math so you can rate your own play, it goes like this:

100% Progression Hit Rate: 8 3 bet progressions won out of 8 made = 100%

62% bet hit rate: 8 bets won / 13 total bets =62% (The game odds is 50%)

47% PA (Player Advantage) 8 units won / 17 units bet

PA is the industry standard for performance measurement. It is the same as ROI used throughout all industry.

The most common PA published is from the BJ Card Counting gurus. They claim a 0.5% PA possibility for perfect play.

Of course that is pure BS and I don't mean Basic Strategy. No BJ Card Counter has achieved a positive year end PA in the last 25 years.

Don Johnson? He doed not count. He plays NBJ.

Kenny Uston? Yep, he counted, lost his shirt, quit the game and drank himself to death.

Card Counting is a SCAM!

Go to any of the card counting forums and mention a 47% PA and they will laugh you off the forum.

They can't even think in terms of anything more than a fractional PA.

Our members frequently hit double digit PAs.

Yet the card counting gurus have 1000 times more members than we do.

Something is horribly wrong with that picture!

We SHOULD have 1000 times more members than they do.

Our Marketing absolutely sucks! Big Time!

I don't know the first thing about internet Marketing. I've got my hands more than full developing systems and teaching them.

What BTC desparately needs is an Internet Marketing professional.

The right guy could make a fortune! Any takers?

We already have the performance numbers.

MDB+ posseses the best performance numbers in the history of gaming by a country mile.

But it is the best kept secret in the world for some strange reason.

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