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Thank you all who recommend bootcamp, Great time

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I stayed up whole night on Sunday night to be able attend the NOR bootcamp on Monday morning, because it is 7 in the morning, I knew I won't be able to getup even with alarm on. Was tired the rest of the day, but I have to say, it totally exceed what I paid for.

I was lucky to be the only one for that, so I could spend 4 hours with Stephen. Even I was the only one, and also with the discount he kindly offered, I paid only half price, but he was well prepared and going through every single point with me, to make sure I really understand he had to test me with live play to prove. He really is a good tutor and also a player, I look forward to play with him together sometime in the future.

I didn't realise the time went so quick, and got almost questions in my head (which annoy me for a while and affected my play at the casino) solved, I think this is where you get more detailed NOR knowledge and skills from. If you really want to be a professional player here, I think you should go for it and I suppose guys who are winning towards the 1million goal have done this before.

Just think about it, the money you spend on the camp can save you thousands of dollars in the real play caused by mistakes. I don't mind to redo it sometime in the future.

Thank you Stephen and all who recommend to me before.

Thank you

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