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Sap/rsap 124

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Please do NOT post on this thread. Post your questions and comments on the SAP/RSAP Questions thread.

That way members can easily find the rules instead of them being buried like they are on the MDB+ thread.

The title,"SAP/RSAP 124 simply means that you can choose yourself whether you want to bet 1 Hi (flat bet)

2Hi (a 1,2 prog) or 4 Hi (a 124 prog).

I recommend you start with 1 Hi flat bet until you get a feel for the SAP and RSAP systems

and you are winning the majority of your bets.

OK we are going to start with how you do a SAP count:

So W/O further ado lets have a sample we can discuss.

I think this is the best and least confusing way to arrange your score card and conduct your SAP count.

BTW we do the SAP count the SAME way regardless of whether we are playing SAP or RSAP.

Lets get the SAP count down first.

THEN we'll discuss betting.


First, recognize that every time a shoe produces an Opposite (a circle on the opposite side of the prior play)

the shoe just completed an event (1's, 2s, 3s or 4+ (a 4 or more).

Therefore, we fill in all 4 SAP counts every time the shoe produces an Opposite

BUT we fill in our counts on the line of the prior play because that is the play that completed the event.

But we don't know how long the event is until the shoe produces an Opposite.

So, every time the shoe produces an Opposite, we fill in ALL 4 SAP counts on the prior line.

That way your SAP counts are always on the same line as the play that ended the event.

so you have a direct correlation between events and SAP counts on the same line the event ended.


First, recognize that I did not invent weighting. It is an old Mathematical principle that greatly helps us make sense of numbers and is therefore particularly applicable to Baccarat.

Recognize that if we simply counted events that such a count would be virtually meaningless!

Because 1's would nearly always be the highest count and 4+ the lowest count. We already knew that before the shoe started.

We need to know the count of each event RELATIVE to its normal frequency of Occurrence. (NFOO)

THAT is what tells us which event a shoe is favoring MOST (MC = Most Common)

and just as important, which event a shoe is favoring least (LC = Least Common)

So OK, I should not have posted the SAP Weighting multipliers on the public forum. I'll go back and remove them.

But very few on the public forum have any idea what I'm talking about.

And I was thinking that ANY Mathematician worth his salt can easily figure out the Baccarat event count multipliers.

But I was wrong about that wasn't I. Because if they COULD have done it, they certainly WOULD have done it.

Because the SAP count is THE single most important clue (direction) of how to bet ANY Baccarat shoe successfully.

Yet, in the 400 year history of Baccarat, no one has ever figured this out except me. A few have copied me but no one has figured this out for themselves. Yet everyone agrees, including all my competitors, that SAP is the BEST way Baccarat can be played. So the SAP multipliers should not be on the public forum.

Anyway, before I get carried away, let's go back to my example and take it one step at a time.

First, note that I included the O/R count.(+1 for an Opposite, -1 for a repeat).

Oh shoot, I just noticed that I failed to put the sign in for the O/R count at play 18. It should be -1.

1.) Set up your card the way I did. Either use columns of 20 or you can go straight down your card but draw a line under every 20 plays.

2.) Fill in ALL FOUR SAP counts every time the shoe produces an Opposite. But fill in the counts on the prior line

- straight across from the last play of each event. It's just that you don't know an event ended until the shoe produces an opposite.

3.) Every time you fill in your counts only ONE count will change - the event that just occured. The other 3 remain the same.

I put the current event in red so only the red number changes withy each event. See that?

4.) Your 1's count is the actual count of 1's. (Note that at play 14 my 1's count is 4 because play 14 produced the 4th 1 in the shoe thus far.

- But I didn't know that until play 15 occurred.

So once play 15 occurred, an opposite, I could go back to play 14 and fill in my 4 counts and only my 1's count changed. Hmm, it's harder to say than it is to do. But SAP counting is really simple as pie. Just study my example a bit and you should quickly see what I did and why I did it.

1's get 1 point each

2s get 2 points each

3s get 4 points each

and 4+ (4 or mores) also get 4 points each

That is because 4's normally occur equal to 5 or mores

While we are at it, recognize that NFOO is such that

1's are equal to 2+ at 18 each ( there are normally 18 1's and 18 2 or mores)

2s are equal to 3+ at 9 each

3s are equal to 4+ at 4.5 each

and so forth. That is not my opinion. It is a rule of math I call the 50% rule.

Here's another rule that comes into play:

For every event(s) a shoe is high in, the shoe MUST be equally low in other event(s)

That is why we could call SAP "Prediction Mathematics"

Doesn't THAT have a nice ring to it.

OK, next we are going to get into how to use SAP to bet.

But first I want to be sure EVERYONE knows how to conduct a proper SAP count.

So I'll create a separate thread for your questions. Don't post on this thread. Let's keep it clean.

But before I leave I want to give you a Huge Baccarat tip just in case you haven't figured it out for yourself yet.

When you are playing Regular cards (cards that started out in 8 sealed decks)

SAP is the MOST accurate way to know exactly which NOR system to play. (Ultimate NOR)

In fact, when I reteach NOR, coming up soon, I'll START with the SAP count

to tell you exactly which NOR system to play as well as exactly if and when to change systems.

Second in that New Ultimate NOR instruction I'll teach you how to use the OR count

to determine the best MODE for the shoe at hand.

I can plainly see that 9 out of 10 NOR members as well as most of our advanced members

still today cannot play NOR to its ultimate perfection.

That is at least partially my fault because the instruction needs to be MUCH shorter but better organized

and with far more examples.

Keith is talking about making that a subsciption forum at some low monthly fee.

I used to do that with the NBJ Newsletter and nobody EVER cancelled their subscription

because the subscription cost was so low.

OK, next we'll be getting into how to bet SAP and how to bet RSAP.

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