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Introduction and tote board question

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Hi everyone!

I've only been a member a short while and thought I'd say hello to everyone.

So far I've only been in a learning mode, but recently I went to the brick and mortar casino near me and unless I was missing something I think the tote boards were not being updated correctly.

Has anyone else experienced this? You watch a few hands and realize only 4 out of 6 show up correctly on the tote board?

The players were mostly keeping their own scorecards, but how do you pick a table when the bias on the tote board is not true to the game being played?

Thanks to everyone who has made this such a valuable resource by taking their time to post. As a new player I truly appreciate all the time you have all spent building this community and knowledge base.


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Hi fct_winatbac,

Welcome to BTC. There is definitely lots to learn here.

That hasn't happened to me at my casino. Typically, if a dealer makes a mistake the players usually make sure to let the dealer know that a mistake was made. So, most errors are caught.

But, if you do decide to play NOR, just watch for the next 4 to 5 plays to see how the OR count is to know what to play or you can look at the next 5 events to see what the shoe is telling. As for MDB+ that would be harder to do, as it requires that the past history on events is accurate or the signals will not work properly.

Another thing is go to a completely different casino if this is something that they are doing often. Hope that helps.

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