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Vegas Play Session ( Why you should join and Come)

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Mike and I always know that Casinos are moving targets.  One way we track the targets is to load real shoes in Stats For Profits and see if we can find a statistical variation where something happens more than it should.  When this happens, we can exploit the game.  Do you think you could win if you never bet more than eight units and it plays to a well over 6% advantage?  This is the value of Stats for Profits, more importantly, we're going to play the approach at the Palms on Sunday, April 2nd and if you are a member, you can join us.  So here are the statistics from the Palms Shoes we played.  We loaded the approach, and we are going to play it.  So instead of investing thousands of dollars in Systems that have no data to back them here, we are showing you real shoes played in real casinos and are going to play it with you.  No one anywhere provides this sort of information; this is the information you need to win. 

If you are looking to make money how can you not decide to join us?  This is the best Professional players club and run by the team who knows how to make you a winner by providing information and approaches you can exploit in the casino.  Stop wasting your time and money and join our Professional Players forum by getting a premium a subscription to the forum and Stats for Profits and join us in Vegas.

Attached are the statistics for the palms and the advantage when we play against the shoes.  We did it the last time join us and do us again.  


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