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Lesson 1 Twister Baccarat Approach

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Introduction to:

The E. Clifton Davis

Twister Series Baccarat Classroom

We are sharing this first Twister Series Baccarat Clinic with the general public so they can get a feel for what goes on in these clinics which are conducted on a regular basis and make an informed decision. Recognize that all future clinics will be presented in private forum for Twisters subscribers only.

In keeping with our mission statement at the beginning of the beatthecasino.com site, the purpose of these ongoing clinics is not only for players to fully understand the five Twister Series Systems but to comprehend and appreciate the overall Twister approach. It is not only a forum to get your every question answered thoroughly, but a commitment devoted to creating the best Baccarat players in the world in open casino floor play, private high stakes room play and million dollar tournament play. Devoted students can and will become winning players just as many Twister players already have.


The multiple systems approach:

I have often said there are two ways to win at Baccarat:

1.) To walk into a casino with a single system in hopes of finding a table it will beat, or

2.) Walk into the casino armed with multiple systems and the knowledge to quickly select the best system for the game at hand.

Recognize that in the second approach, we retain the option of changing tables if we so desire but we are not FORCED to switch tables as we are in the first approach every time our single system does not happen to match the game at hand.

This second approach, The Twister approach, is the essential key to winning at Baccarat. It separates the pros from the amateurs. Yet The Twister is the ONLY multiple systems approach you will find. Sure, there are two mode systems out there. In fact the basic Twister is a two mode system. Both from test data and from live casino play conducted by many of our players, all over the world, I know that the basic Twister is the best two mode system available. But that is not enough. It’s like going to war with a single weapon albeit a good weapon. The Twister is just our opening salvo at the casino, it is not the entire war. It’s main purpose is to point to the best system. It’s the start of a war. Fighting that war best is the object of these clinics.

If Multiple systems is the key to success, then quick selection is the key to multiple systems. To that end, I would like to call your attention to color coded Twister and AntiTwister games 1. I have attached these games in the private classroom copy of this class so Twister subscribers who happen to be reading this public edition need to use your assigned password now and go to your private edition where you can view the games we are discussing. Obviously I cannot share these games with the general public.

I said in your manual that ”AtiTwister does not particularly like streak”. I do not mean to infer that AntiTwister cannot beat streaky shoes. I simply mean that AntiTwister, albeit your strongest overall system, is not necessarily your best choice in a consistent streaky situation. Twister, since it wins every bet in a run usually from the second circle of a run, is the better choice at a streaky table. The longer the runs the better for Twister.

I would like to call your attention to game 1: while this game, at first glance looks normal enough, if you perform the column count, like I taught you in your manual, you will see that this shoe has a -15 count. This means that it has 15 more repeats than opposites. I qualify anything lower than -10 as extreme streak, and anything over +10 as extreme chop. So, you can see already that extreme shoes are quite common. I do not mean to imply that you must perform these counts to play, but the count gives you accurate inside information for system selection.

Btw, the Streak Exploit hits +328 in the first column of this same shoe. How would we have known to play it? If we are consistently seeing shoe counts below -10 at our table, that is the signal for Streak Exploit. Think that is sufficient reason to learn this simple count process. Think it might be worth it?

Now, please refer to AntiTwister game 1: In spite of the fact that this is an extreme streak shoe, AntiTwister breezes right through it with little trouble. Our worst position is -5 at play 4 but we quickly recover to a +8 in the first column making our goal +18. We hit +18 at play 35 before we even get halfway through the shoe. And if we decide to continue past our goal since we hit it so early in the shoe, our decade cash mgt. would stop us at play 62 with a +30. A spectacular shoe by any measurement.

Now look at the same shoe played with Twister: Overall we do even better: Our worst position is only -1 at play 3 recovering to a +11 in column 1 making our goal +22. We hit +22 at play 41. That’s a little late in the shoe to continue on but if we had we would hit +27. Very, very strong considering our worst position and our highest bets. The lesson here? Twister is stronger and safer in streak shoes than AntiTwister or Advanced Twister.

Btw, advanced Twister hits +21 at play 48 in this same shoe. So that answers one important question already. Does Advanced Twister replace Twister? NO! They each have separate strengths.

Twister beats chop but is strongest in streak

AntiTwister usually beats streak but the chopier the better.

Advanced T. beats most anything but is strongest in neutral.

Streak Exploit likes consistent counts lower than -10.

Chop Exploit likes consistent counts higher than +10.

The Twister loves runs following runs, so common in Vegas and it loves sporadic ones and high disparity, the nemesis of most systems.

Upcoming lesson plans:

The many advantages of Baccarat over Blackjack.

Disparity - What is it and how we use it for system selection.

Sporadic 1’s - What are they and how to take advantage of them.

How to count your money on the table in a split second and why its important to always know exactly where you stand.

How casinos orchestrate games and how to exploit that fact.

Casino outright cheating - If you have been playing Baccarat for a year or more you have been cheated. How to recognize the many kinds of casino cheating and what to do about it.

How to cheat right back without getting caught.

How to watch the shuffle and accurately determine the upcoming shoe type and which system to play.

How to time the shuffle machine to know which system to play.

No, we don’t use a stop watch. That’s how I got ejected from Foxwood. But if it didn’t work, they wouldn’t have ejected me.

How to use the tote board to know what system to play.

How to use player’s scorecards to know what system to play.

The importance of the blue deck and the red deck

The rules and why you must know them.

The most frequently asked questions.

System Selection: Since this is our most important subject, I’ll have something to say about it in every class.

And anything you deem important.

Edited by Keith Smith

Join us in Vegas for the Back to Vegas Seminar

at the Crescent Dealer's School

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