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So one of the things I want to talk about today is how systems evolve and develop. And it started churning in my head from a question that I get a lot. You know, someone asked me about a play session and it wasn't the first time is why do you track disparity? And the answer that I wanted to say immediately was I'm really not sure. To be honest with you that's the truth. I'm not really sure why I track disparity, but what I am sure about is that I have a theory about something that I'm trying to prove with this one little tidbit of information. This one statistic that I track and find interesting I think is the key to it. And I'm looking at strong side to be honest with you, to find out what statistic other than just looking at the game and assigning relevance to which side wins the most and which one has two in a rows and the other side doesn't have one in a rows, which side is stronger by another statistic.

And this investigative thought and idea is something that I promote at beat the casino. And my point about this is not necessarily just this statistic, but in everything I hear a lot of, I'm coming up with this approach and it's not quite ready yet and I can't release it or I can't tell anybody about it because it's not presented right. And, and this isn't, it isn't a kind of the philosophy of the forum. We're not marketers to you once you're a member, we're not marketing you a system to play. We're marketing a think tank of ideas and some of those think tanks if some of those ideas are complete. I remember starting about talking about the two-high system and Ellis developed the two -high system and it was really clever. I have to be honest with you. And uh, everyone was kind of asking for the release, asking for the release, asking for the release.

And he kept delaying it and delaying it as I've done with other things too. And he said it wasn't ready yet. It needs to be perfect. And that's what system sellers do. They try to get it as close to perfect as they can, which of course is an unattainable goal. You know, you have to be, uh, satisfied with what you're given at this particular point. And that's when I started to learn the philosophy of how to run a a think tank that looks at winning is, first of all, there'll never be anything that's perfect. And every time you look at systems, there's always going to be a tweak. There's always going to be something that it loses too. But it's this presenting it to the crowd that triggers everyone else to think when you give a system or an approach or an idea, no matter how complete or how incomplete, at least we have something to work with.

And that's the idea of the forum. That's the power of the forum. So with my thing with tracking disparity, I threw it out there and hope that someone else would take off with it because I'm not trying to show you that. Just use disparity and you'll find the key to the kingdom. Perhaps disparity could be used when tracking natural switches. I remember talking to some folks about the latest thread that Canada Bac um, very interesting stuff that he posted and very insightful and a wonderful contributor to, he's talking about his, he looks for natural switches and of course, you know, the statistic is what has happened before will maybe perhaps something into disparity that I mentioned can tie into his natural approach or perhaps maybe the disparity counts of other events as in 5d could help his disparity for naturals or perhaps something in a XTB that's coming up will help him with disparity counts.

You see what I mean? We're always looking for something that is the valid statistic. When W84IT for it mentioned the, uh, visual five d, if you think about it for a second, he put it up and he showed you some examples and, and he said, well, I don't really play it yet. I'm just kind of looking into it. And it's that looking into it and that presenting it to the group is what's valuable so that more eyes

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