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Most strategies seem stupid but almost any strategy is good.

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I know my title seems strange but i have been playing this game for three years and i play seriously. I am currently on a run to where i am really considering playing full time, actually, i am going to give full time a shot i am just waiting to experience a downswing and what the recovery is like before i pull the trigger, i certainly hope i do not have a downswing but it has been so good i feel one has to come. I have thought about this game a lot, i have tried many different styles and strategies. I hear people try to explain their strategies, a lot of times i just can not buy into them because they usually defy the basic math and logic, i do not mean to call any one out but i have heard some talk about ties as a useful trigger,  yes some shoes you can use ties as a tool but to think about ties long term just seems a bit silly, sorry but that is my opinion. My conclusion is,  while most strategies may seem stupid to me, i believe any strategy that keeps you playing patient and not playing every hand is most likely a good strategy. The key is staying as close to even as possible, i mean i am vigilant when it comes to this, and when the shoe matches your style you crush it.

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