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Keiths PodcastThe Basic ways to Bet Part 1

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I took a few excerpts from the Consummate Baccarat Approach to help explain the most common ways to bet.

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Keith Smith:
Okay, Keith, here with the Consummate Baccarat Approach on betting and the type of bets.  The purpose of this is to explain the kind of betting approaches that you can employ with any strategy. I want to make things clear.  
Keith Smith:
Okay, let's start. There are several ways you could think about how you bet.  It's probably one of the most important things.  The most popular for playing baccarat at Beat The Casino without a doubt Flat betting. So flat betting (and I'll move this out of the way) flat betting merely is betting the same amount win or lose every time. If you bet $25 and you win it, you bet $25 again. If you lose it, you stay at $25. Okay, It's you know, the most basic form of betting and, you know, to win, you have to overcome the commission, and you have to win more than a little bit more than 50% of hands to turn a profit. So that's what everything is designed to get you to do with all the statistics we look at how to get your hands won ratio up.   
Keith Smith:
Now, just a couple of things flat betting isn't. You can flat bet a session. If you go into play for a day and you flat a quarter and you better quarter again, win or lose and bet quarter again, and then the next time you go to the casino, you're betting $100 chips, and then you're gonna turn around and say, Well, I'm a net winner, you know, because you,  you lost betting quarters, and then you won betting $100 chips. You didn't flat bet and win; you just bet a tiered negative progression. So, you know, stay at where you, uh, you know, stayed how you're playing. It's very important for everyone to do that again. That's, you know, one of the things we run into Now if you track it session over a session, you know, you just need to realize that Flat Betting one session quarters and flat betting and 100 is not really flat betting.  You're simply betting a negative progression with it. I'll be it, you know, it's a very drawn out negative progression. But, you know, if someone says I'm playing, I play baccarat for $25 flat betting. And every time you get a casino, you must $25. Okay, I think we get the idea there.  
Keith Smith:
You know a loop. Betting is, no matter what happens. And we used to use a common loop. No matter what happens when you bet one win or lose, your next bet is always two. That could be a loop that wins or lose. You could bet Loop betting like one and call this 5,1,2,3,4,5.  So instead of betting it in green, you could bet five. And then maybe the next time you bet six. So anything where you bet 1, one time, win or lose. And then you bet the next bet that is some other number or some other incremental number of a bet. It's called loop betting. So you could bet five you could win the five. And your next best six is always gonna be  1 2 3 4 5...6. So this here is equal to five of these. That's why we break it down to five that way. So Loop betting one number than the next number one number, then the next number, win or lose pretty easy to understand.
Keith Smith:
Negative progressions there are two kinds. There's one with limits, and there's one without limits. A negative progression is usually you bet 1. If you win the one. Okay, you go back to betting one. So let's pay it off so you could see exactly how it goes now that we're getting in this little bit more complex forms of betting. So let's say, for instance, you about one chip and you win that one chip negative progression. Betting always says As soon as you win, you go back to one or with a limited progression. Now, if you lose the one you bet any increment, that's more than what you just bet. Though in this case, we bet, 2. If you win that, you just start over. Okay, now the most common is a three-bet negative progression. So what's that? Well, let's say, for instance, we bet the one, and we lose it. Then we bet the two; then, we lose it. Now we bet the three we win it our next is one. If we lose it, our next bet is still one, because we've bet a limited negative progression. After we lose three in a row, we go back to one. So you can see you could make your negative progression any length.  You could say, Okay, I'm gonna bet a negative progression 1, 2,4. Now, what a lot of people like to do is they'll add all these up, and they wanna win one, no matter what. So here, if you win the 1st one, you win one. Here if you win the 2nd one, you win one.  Here when you bet four, you win the third one you win one. Now, this is where it gets a little hairy. So here you've invested seven chips in winning.  So now you've got a bet. Well, there's 8,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,  Okay, So now if you win any one of these, you're gonna win one Chip now with the vig and things like that if you get to that bet. Okay, So that would be a four-tiered negative progression. So again, on these ones that have three bets, some folks have done it to get a little bit more torque in it. Some will, about a 1,4,6 negative progression.  So one chip than four chips and then six chips and then win or lose on any loss. I'm sorry. Win on any one of them, and you always go back to one. So if you bet one and win great, you start back at one. If you lose the one and you win the four great, you take your chips, and you're out, and you start over at one. But if you lose one, you lose the four, and you bet the six, and you win, and you lose the six. Now, you just lost the whole progression, as we say, and you start over at one. It's really hard to recover when you lose a 1,4,6 or even a 1,2,3 negative progression. Okay, that's with limits. Of course, some people play, and you see ah, a lot of players do this all the time. They don't stop, and usually, the variation that they do Ah, with this, it's kind of Ah, maybe I should have explained it in loop betting, but it's kind of an up. They call it up one down one.  
Keith Smith:
So if you lose the one up one, you go to two. If you lose the two, you go to three. If you lose the thread, you go to four; you lose the four. You bet five. Okay, so now let's say you win the five. Now, since I just won the five. My next bet is I go down one. I'm gonna bet the four. Well, if you lose the four, oops, I should take that. If you lose the four now, your next bet is you go up. And then, of course, if you win that, then you win the five chips. Now your next bet would be four. So you win that. So now you're next bet is three. Let's say, you win. So that would be, Ah, looping up, one down, one bet. Perhaps I should show you that. Like, if you're doing that with player and banker, okay? And you bet the one, and you win, and you say you lose the one Now. Now you bet two, let's say you're only betting player while you lose that. Now you're gonna bet three. Well, you win that. So you get paid there, and now you just go down one now. You bet 2. And if you win that, you win that. Now you're back down to the one. You went forth full circle. Let's say, for instance; you lose that. Okay, well, now you're gonna bet, two, right? You win that. And now you go back to one. So that's the up one down. One way to playthings. So this completes part one. Stay tuned for part two of betting strategies. Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast, our YouTube channel, and visit us at BeatTheCasino.com
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