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Thinking of buying the app, help me eliminate the "thinking" out of it.

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As for most of us, the price is the main problem. Joining the forum unfortunately is out of the question, I'm from Romania and even if it's worth it, the price is beyond my means.

My main worry is that the app features are not explained clearly. I know you have some videos on youtube but I think you deliberately try to not get to the point in other for people to join the forum(I understand it from a marketing point of view).

Even if I get it, I don't want to blindly bet on a thing that I have no idea what it means.

Is it possible that after we purchase the app, we would have access to page or something explaining what each point means ?

Also, is there any chance that after we purchase the app and somehow start to make money, then only pay the difference to join the forum ?

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