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  1. God bless Ellis, Relieved to hear your made it over the first hurdle. I hope the rest goes well. It is rare to meet someone in this day and age that can speak with hands on knowledge of a subject that is so misunderstood and misguided by the so called established gambling gurus that in the past ruled the printed page and now continue to spew inaccurate information via the internet. It is rare to find someone of such conviction and so knowledgeable of a subject and dedicated to dissolving the ignorance that pervades and entire industry. It's a breathe a of fresh air that we would all sorely
  2. As long as you are recovering and have some time away from the daily grind let me tell you a story of one of the dumbest things I said to another human being. The Roy Rogers thing brought it to mind. I was renting out the 2nd story of a house in Denver that got bought by a guy that turned out to be an ex-cop that was looking for a place to live in while his life transitioned from former cop to working at a funeral parlor and an artist by night. I didn't know it at the time but he was looking to flip the house. It just so happened I had started a painting business out of pure necessity, not ex
  3. Ellis, Not smoking anything these days, just schrooms lol. Seriously though I just do as you say with NOR. I wait for the strongest bias, try to get going as soon as I identify the best system and often settle for less than 10 units if the going gets tough. I still run SAP and enter a simple fractional dual Sap # on a standard vertical card and enter the direction of the OT vs. TBL every ten hands and keep the running C/S count. Other than that not much different than most. I try to keep in mind the bogey man of each system and look for overlap and try to select correctly the first time but ke
  4. I tried uploading Kelvins shoe #2 that Anthony tackled and we played the same so that's fine. I end up with +5 at #40 but I think that is because of a math error at top of his replay and maybe there is another I didn't look further than that. Or perhaps we both have a math error's. I have uploaded a lot of shoes in the past so I am wondering why when I tried uploading the dinky 184 kb jpeg it said I had exceeded my 5 mb limit. There was a little red dot next to the file that when I hovered over it tossed out a dialog box saying this so I gave up after a few attempts and resizing again but no g
  5. Ellis, On the second shoe that Kelvin submitted and you do a verbal replay in your post #9 I am with you until play #31 then you have it as "OK my second col was: 121 on P, 2B, 3P, 1231B, 1,1P, 1,1B, 1231P, 2B, for a +8" From the 1,1B that starts at #32 I lose your train of thought. I only managed to finish the 2nd column with a +3 with my understanding of the NOR modes regarding OTB4L. Since the downloaded shoes did not have an OTB4L shoes shifting between modes this may be a good example shoe to include in the samples. I was going finish and post this shoe but lost it at #32 so would apprec
  6. Thanks Keith, Very clear and concise. Well done. Looking forward to the sample shoes.
  7. ]I think MVS covered Betphoenix or Bogartcasino.com (same live table) if you get lost in the Betphoenix kingdom of websites. I was hoping that someone that plays more than one online casino would start a thread about online (live dealer) games. I don't feel qualified to do it as I only play at Betphoenix live dealer baccarat so my observations are based on that and a couple thousand practice shoes at Dublinbet.com a couple years back. I have not played at Dublinbet lately simply because I don't have a cash account there but when I did practice there a lot their baccarat games were very good
  8. Great Ellis, I have been having a hard time the last few outings at Bph. I was just about to review my cards to see what is up and devise something to handle there latest offerings. One thing they have added to the agenda lately is the blacking out of the video feed at the end of the shoe so you can not tell whether the cards are changed or not. The first time I encountered this I noticed that a streaky shoe was usually followed by a choppy one. That was fine but lately the shoes are far more difficult. Most shoes are very segmented and the various segments tend not to last long which can hav
  9. I too, cannot access the NOR thread. Last time this happened it was straighened out the next day. I'll try again tommorow. In the meantime their are some current replies from Ellis and others in the IMSPIRIT blog you may want to check out.
  10. Well said, Daytrader, I only attended two seminars in the 90's and they were well worth the admission fee. I hope this comes off without a hitch and the live games can be detailed to NOR specific play and any options that may appear. If the video/audio recording of the seminar are made available to paid lifetime members at a reasonable fee I am certain that would be acceptable to most members. I wish all the participants well. I hope you come away from it with a better approach to the game. Looking forward to the recording, and Ellis/Keith's observations as well as all that were able to a
  11. Hmmm, I'll keep my eyes open for board errors. There have been good NOR shoes lately. Some real sweet super chop lately. Keep an eye out for TB4L/X even with the occasional 2 with over and under chop doesn't much matter. Depending on my mood I will usually sidestep the tough shoes if there is something else to do for an hour and check back just before the shoe ends to record the end of the shoe and go from there. Often times I find myself puzzling over the multiple ways to beat some shoes. Sometimes I pick the way that I think will win the most units and other times get lazy and F-bet some s
  12. If you mean the tote board was displaying more than one shoe, that is their intermittent somewhat interesting countermeasure I presume. I mean such a huge expenditure on technology and they forgot the auto delete button for erasing the tote board after a shoe is completed ! At least the connection was better on day shift today. If this trend continues I think I will switch to days. Have to reset my body clock though.
  13. I can usually deal with no video but no video and the feed freezing and them resetting the game and not knowing whats going on is getting old. They need to do an upgrade to their upgrade, because the last one didn't do jack. I can't imagine anyone playing the 3C min table with these conditions. I think I will try early days or after midnight. Swing shift EST seems to be plagued with the most problems.
  14. My 1st shoe tonight ended at 10:14 pm est. That's Monday night and my 3rd and final shoe ended 1:10 am Tuesday est. I didn't have any trouble tonight but they could easily have been down for any part of yesterday as I never even checked until after 10:00 pm est. In the break between the first and second shoe the screen went black just long enough for us not to see if they actually changed the cards. I know what you mean though, depending on what is going on in my life I try to schedule a session but sometimes I get all wired on coffee flip it on and get skunked. Been there done that could be
  15. Happy Birthday Uncle E. Hey its just like riding a bicycle...hold on tight and don't fall off. lol
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