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  1. Yes, it works. You may have to reset or re-adjust your SAP counts every 50 hands or so.
  2. What works really well IF you’re willing to put in the time to learn it is FTS. With just flatbetting or using 1,2 loop, you can achieve double digit results.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Oz is like a fine wine, gets better with age. Triggers and decisions on when/when not to bet is very subjective as you get better in this game.
  4. Please join the club Mr. Letourneau. Pretty pleeeessssee! Our club would be so much better graced with the presence of your positive, can-do attitude. No really, PLEASE join. I don’t know how we will be able to go on without you.
  5. Everyone should know that fu**ing scumbag Dean Jackson over at CasinoForum.club is the biggest ripoff artist and the most hated guy in the Baccarat world. It feels great to know his blog is a failure. How can someone who has never had a winning day in his life run a Baccarat forum?
  6. The answer is "YES" and "NO". "NO" if you are hoping for a quick and easy mechanical method. READ MY LIPS...All Mechanical Methods eventually "come a cropper" (Aussie slang...LOL) and that's the simple truth in a nutshell. Combined with Negative Progressions, they become a recipe for disappointment and financial disaster. Sad to say...the early teachings of this site by the Self Proclaimed "Greatest Baccarat Player in History" involved mostly the combination of these two Baccarat Evils. He developed over the years more than 45 "Sure Fire" methods...some that he claimed wouldn't lose to any combination of cards dealt. When they did eventually lose...there was always an excuse... "The Casino was on to us and changed the cards" was a favorite. (Yup...Casino Management would be shaking in their boots at the sight of he and his entourage armed to the teeth with their RED chips) LMFAO ... If other players using his methods lost it was generally BAD Table selection by them and he wouldn't have chosen to play that table. He loved to tell "WAR" stories...Tales of the many, many millions that he made from Book Sales...Teaching and playing, and his students too could make the same millions. But as they say..."Follow the Money Trail" When all is said and done after accumulating all those millions, why would "The Teacher" be living in a tiny shack in the backwoods many hours from the nearest casino valued at under $60K? You join the dots. Where is the money? Personally, I would rather my teacher be living in the biggest G/D mansion on the planet to give me even greater incentive and confirmation of his skills. The fact is that Negative Progressions are likely to win initially. This is what the "System Sellers" rely on. The very fact that that NP's can allow you to win when losing more than 50% of your bets should give you room for thought. There is no way to win long term unless you are winning more than 50% of your bets. It is just as easy to hit the wall with NP's as it is to win and when you fall...you fall hard. This is not to say that all the early info on BTC should be discarded. Far from it but you need to be wary (run like hell) of anything advising the use of Negative Progressions. They are the domain of crap Baccarat Players who can't be bothered putting in the time and effort required. The other members of BTC will steer you in the direction you need to head to get the basics right and then it all comes back to how badly you really want it. Recognise that in general...over 50% of hands dealt are what we call "BAD BETS". What we mean by that is that there is no legitimate history for a particular bet being made. Therein lies a major problem with Mechanical Systems in that they force you to make those BAD BETS and rely on their Negative Progressions to pull you out of the fire. The answer can also be "YES"! First, you have to be prepared to put in the time and effort required. BTC doesn't ask for outrageous amounts of money to join up (I have no idea of the pricing structure) but I guarantee that it is a whole lot less than any course of Study that you might choose while at the same time providing you with rewards and benefits that are hard to imagine. What we do ask for though is "PARTICIPATION". By joining BTC, you are becoming a Member of an Elite Club and you are expected to contribute as in any other Club. The benefits of this Club come courtesy of the Members. We have the original Posts from the great Norm Allen RIP who was one of the first to do away with both Mechanical Systems and Negative Progressions and he hit an undisputed $2million PLUS in a little over two and a half years. We have the Posts from Papa Joe (arguably the greatest Baccarat Brain of them all) and Kostas not far behind him. Sadly, they left the Forum along with others because of the direction it was heading at the time with the addiction to NP's and the continual promotion of new "Flavor of the month" Systems. They mostly still play Baccarat or (Roulette) and are still winning after all these years. But their Legacy lives on in their Past Posts. (PJ still sticks his head in occasionally to keep us on the straight and narrow) We have players like Wolfat who have seen it all and been winning consistently since Noah launched the Ark. He is still here and chimes in with advice regularly. We rarely take risks except for the occasional Up as you win Progression and generally follow variations of Norm's Flat Betting and 1 2 Loop approach... Minimum risk for Maximum gain. We have W2f regarded by many as the best of the current "NEW BREED" of Baccarat Player who have taken the route traveled by Norm A and then taken it to a new level. Nobody knows quite how much W2f has taken from the Casino coffers but we most all get a lift when he Posts pics of his High Unit Wins. And at the other end of the spectrum we have a crotchety old Aussie (Moi) who rarely sleeps and has a penchant for Baccarat Statistics that would bore the shit off a Dunny wall. (I do OK on the Tables myself) And we have other members at various stages of their Baccarat journey... Some almost at the top of their game and others just starting out...but all contribute in one way or another. We have the Masterclass Video Library by the more experienced Members (My personal favourite is my own.. LOL Nobody but me can understand it ) a great way again of advancing your Baccarat knowledge. Then we have the "icing on the cake"...Without a doubt, the best Baccarat Practice Tool on the Net "THE STRATEGIC BACCARAT INTERFACE" that will accelerate the learning curve of the Newbies and the less experienced players exponentially. There are various methods we employ with the SBI which will be expanded upon in the Private Forum. And last but least (sorry buddy...couldn't help myself LOL) we have Keith who runs the place. BTC is his baby and his aim is to make it the best damn Baccarat...Blackjack and Roulette Site on the Net. He recognises that he has a group of players the like of what has never been gathered in one place before and he generally stays in the background organising shit and doing all the day to day promotional stuff. So...Pretty much that's it...No false promises and the truth is that most who start this journey will fall by the wayside but the rewards are there and the proof lies in those that have gone before but I can just give you one cast-iron guarantee...Unlike the self-confessed Guru of Baccarat...This little brown dog don't live in no glorified dog kennel in the backwoods...That's for sure. Good luck Oz PS: I may have made the timeframe for success sound much longer than it has to be. If a new player puts in the hard yards, it is possible to start winning within a few months...but that is just the start of your journey.
  7. I have been scammed by those scoundrels!!!! Take your money than ban you shortly after you find out what you paid for was crap and you are not happy about it. Deceptive business practices of you ask me.
  8. It appears Dean of CFC has taken exception to my expose of his Business tactics on CFC...The false promises...The BANNING of fully paid-up members for daring to express a dissenting opinion...the outright Lies etc. I have exposed him for the know-nothing Baccarat Player that he is. He is charging for a service that he cannot possibly provide because he is simply incapable of understanding even the basics of Winning Baccarat. He is ripping off the weak and the gullible...those who can least afford it. He is a Fraudster. He is harassing me with all sorts of Legal Threats which bothers me not so much because both he and his partner in crime would struggle to afford a half decent cup of coffee if they combined their funds. ? Now he is claiming that I am under Police Investigation and even provided me with a Police Investigation Number which I strongly suspect he got off the back of a Cereal Box. So...Before INTERPOL come a knocking on my door...LMFAO...I would like to make a request that all those that have been ripped off by this SCAMMER, notify me so that I have even more ammunition to smash him right back to whatever sleaze pit he used to inhabit. You can either do it by PM or email johnraeno.1@gmail.com or if you wish to stand up and be counted... right here on this thread. Thanks in advance Oz UH...OH...Heavy knocking on my front door...Gotta go now...?
  9. Sam, this demonstration provided to you by our administrator is HANDS DOWN, the greatest tool in your baccarat journey. There are over 4000 actual shoes from all over the world at your disposal.
  10. I have been practicing the game, and 221 MM is a great way to play it BUT, I would only use the 221 MM to just get one unit. After you get the one unit you would use the MM again to get another. This minimizes the potential 8 or 9 unit bet which is kind of frowned upon. lol
  11. Ralis, To the best of my knowledge, Norm didn't have a manual. There are a bunch of Norm's posts on threads that have been archived which covers how he played including how he used FTS and SAP. There are also a few guys who have communicated with Norm that can help you out also. Hope that answered your question.
  12. Whoever is going to the Vegas soiree later this month can you PM me? I have a favor to ask. Thanks
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