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  1. Yes, it works. You may have to reset or re-adjust your SAP counts every 50 hands or so.
  2. What works really well IF you’re willing to put in the time to learn it is FTS. With just flatbetting or using 1,2 loop, you can achieve double digit results.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Oz is like a fine wine, gets better with age. Triggers and decisions on when/when not to bet is very subjective as you get better in this game.
  4. Please join the club Mr. Letourneau. Pretty pleeeessssee! Our club would be so much better graced with the presence of your positive, can-do attitude. No really, PLEASE join. I don’t know how we will be able to go on without you.
  5. Everyone should know that fu**ing scumbag Dean Jackson over at CasinoForum.club is the biggest ripoff artist and the most hated guy in the Baccarat world. It feels great to know his blog is a failure. How can someone who has never had a winning day in his life run a Baccarat forum?
  6. The answer is "YES" and "NO". "NO" if you are hoping for a quick and easy mechanical method. READ MY LIPS...All Mechanical Methods eventually "come a cropper" (Aussie slang...LOL) and that's the simple truth in a nutshell. Combined with Negative Progressions, they become a recipe for disappointment and financial disaster. Sad to say...the early teachings of this site by the Self Proclaimed "Greatest Baccarat Player in History" involved mostly the combination of these two Baccarat Evils. He developed over the years more than 45 "Sure Fire" methods...some that he claimed wouldn't lose
  7. I have been scammed by those scoundrels!!!! Take your money than ban you shortly after you find out what you paid for was crap and you are not happy about it. Deceptive business practices of you ask me.
  8. It appears Dean of CFC has taken exception to my expose of his Business tactics on CFC...The false promises...The BANNING of fully paid-up members for daring to express a dissenting opinion...the outright Lies etc. I have exposed him for the know-nothing Baccarat Player that he is. He is charging for a service that he cannot possibly provide because he is simply incapable of understanding even the basics of Winning Baccarat. He is ripping off the weak and the gullible...those who can least afford it. He is a Fraudster. He is harassing me with all sorts of Legal Threats which bothers me n
  9. Sam, this demonstration provided to you by our administrator is HANDS DOWN, the greatest tool in your baccarat journey. There are over 4000 actual shoes from all over the world at your disposal.
  10. I have been practicing the game, and 221 MM is a great way to play it BUT, I would only use the 221 MM to just get one unit. After you get the one unit you would use the MM again to get another. This minimizes the potential 8 or 9 unit bet which is kind of frowned upon. lol
  11. Ralis, To the best of my knowledge, Norm didn't have a manual. There are a bunch of Norm's posts on threads that have been archived which covers how he played including how he used FTS and SAP. There are also a few guys who have communicated with Norm that can help you out also. Hope that answered your question.
  12. Whoever is going to the Vegas soiree later this month can you PM me? I have a favor to ask. Thanks
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