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  1. Really great post brother, appreciate you! Don't change who you are at the core!
  2. Baccon, Grateful and thankful for you're sharing of method and knowledge, I have not begun to use it however I will begin to study and try to understand NSHG, thanks for the upgrade in weapon sort of speak, let you know how things come along. Stack them chips!
  3. Welcome to all newbies and Happy 2017 to all as well, I'm a new subscriber but a about a 2yr member,I started when you had to pay full membership fee which is one of the reasons I also delayed my return its was a tough pill to swallow especially when just starting to play. I think this current setup it just awesome!! Since I've signed back up all I've been doing in my free time is reading, practicing, reading and more practice and entering a few shoes in Stats for Profit. I really want to thank all the seasoned members (even those ones that may be looking down on us...) for their unselfish, ki
  4. Hi, Mike not sure where to post the technical issue I'm have with SFP. How do you view the original bets that were played by a member? I did watch the intro video on SFP, however I can only view the automated bets from the drop down box once selected.

    Thanks for your help, love the system great teaching tool!

    1. Action Mike

      Action Mike

      There is an issue with the current version of the software that isn't allowing it to show those bets.  Until the end of last year not a single person was putting in the bet amounts except me, so I didn't focus on fixing the issue as I have a workaround to using the old system.  It is actually at the top of the bug fix list, but I had to back burner some of the SFP work due to some personal issues.

  5. Hi Keith, I am using Tool for Profit and I'm unable to view a shoe, mine or anyone else's with the their original bets, I can only view the recorded shoes with bets from the drop down strategy menu box. Please let me correct me on what I'm doing wrong or is that function not currently able?

    Thanks J,

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