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    49 years discover magical baccarat few months ago and since i play few h a day ;P
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  1. Hey Siki D Boy...lets team up and beat the casinos in Serbia and Croatia
  2. this 50$ monthly fee wasnt cheep for me as im unemployed atm and thats like 8% of averige paycheck here in Croatia so that was kind a lot for me..... Today is my 5th day on forum i was read all manuals few time and they are great. I was try NOR and MBD+ and they working well...but ..again...think the most valuable is replays and tips from a lot more expirienced players. Thanks to them i was able to detect bigest leak in my amature way of playing and that is inconsistent...cos of that i miss to earn like 50 units in 2 days. so...i think those 50$ for membership is realy pe
  3. hi MrVince, this is great tip...about marathon..... and i was become student...2 days ago... for now i know where "ifrastructure" is, only have to learn how to use it, and i have time and patiance to that. btw anyone got RD1 manual that i can have pls..cant finde it in download section. regards felix
  4. Hi guys ty for welcome me, zeckam, today i was play again and 17 units landed in my bankroll again this time with PA 15.... thats huge achivment for me, so in just 2 days with i think lowes unit size on this forum 1/4 of subscription payed off itself. I didnt do nothing but read NOR manual few times, pick up few tips from "big" guys and waited 2h for right shoe. Ofc i was read and most of other manuals but that is to much informations for me for now.
  5. hi guys and girls, My name is Felix from Croatia (english isnt my first language so sorry for misspeling ;P :). I was dicovered baccarat 4 month ago and since i spend few h a day playing and trying to learn as much as i can. I play baccarat on Pokerstars where is live dealer and cards are shuffled by hand. There are 2 tables with min 5$ and 2 tables with min 1$. Starting bankroll was 124 $ and i was (still dont know how actualy ) manage to raise it to 550$ playing with 1$ as 1 unit. PA was like 5%. This forum i was found like month ago and i was read every post i
  6. Hi Keith and all others ofc... Im newbe here and snifing trugh this forum some time and this great video help a lot... See u next week in prem members area
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