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  1. Your "Google-Fu" must be weak. A simple search will bring up the Immokalee casino and the Tampa Hard Rock. Toss in the Hard Rock casinos on the east coast and you've got baccarat covered in SW Florida. MVS
  2. My how time passes us by when we're busy. I've missed a "report" or two in the intervening years but the song remains the same. Things that I've learned over the years here have all worked out to be a good deal for me and as I continue to play baccarat, I'm still learning and studying and practicing. Yes, practice is ALWAYS required to keep you sharp and playing correctly for whichever of the plans you use. As a long time member of this forum I still say that this was the best investment I've ever made in the gambling world. The sign off remains the same. Is your baccara
  3. I maintain a good balance in the account and when I pull the minimum amount out I leave a good balance to play on. The last two times were free as I don't pull from the account often. You do get once a month for free. I may still be on the "old" payment methods due to making payouts a long time ago when the minimum request was $500. The checks have been delivered by FedEx and drawn on a Canadian bank, so far. MVS
  4. I've played BetPhoenix dot ag for many years now. NOT BetPhoenixCasino but just BetPhoenix. Two different animals. Payouts have been timely, and more importantly, free. I'm not one who pulls money every week. It's silly to pay to get your winnings. Anyway, I've been happy with BP and continue to play there as long as the video feed is smooth and clean. When it starts to chop and lag, I leave. They have gotten much better since the "early" days when they started up. MVS
  5. The original RD1 was a pretty straight forward method and although it had a good following, it did have a losing pattern that came up quite often. Then came RD1-H (hybrid) to fix one of the problems. I have some shoes that were played all the way through using RD1 and if I can track them down, I'll post them up in this thread. It might take a few days as I've got a bunch of things going on this weekend (Biketoberfest in Daytona for starters). If I don't come up with them by Wednesday, remind me and I'll get back on it. MVS
  6. Well, I'm off a month, but the song remains the same! Normally I input a single message in August to this particular thread. It's short enough that anyone can read the entire thing in about two minutes. The facts are still there. As another year passes, I find myself still in profit from baccarat and still learning as I read the daily posts in the private area. I am a paid member like the rest of the private members. We made a choice and dug in against the casinos. I do not play as much as many of our members, and my wagers are smaller than "a few" of our really strong players. However, a
  7. Hmm, your card looks amazingly like my card! Yes, I do use the cheat sheet when working with MDB as it's still not my "go to" method of play, but it's getting closer. MVS
  8. Keith, Just got home from an extended western states vacation and watched the video tonight. Very informative on the triggers. It actually simplified some of the notes I have laying around here all the time. Thanks. MVS
  9. Scaldedcat, I can assure you (for what its worth) that you can win money in online play at baccarat. I personally do NOT play the RNG games and stick strictly to the online, LIVE dealers. I do not play at every new casino that comes online. I don't chase around the online casino world. If you find a reputable online, LIVE dealer casino, check it out completely. Read and re-read their banking agreement. If you don't like it, don't play there. If it does seem like you can live with it, you can make a minimum deposit to play on, just to get comfortable with the environment. If the ga
  10. Chief, Yes, that's one of the main advantages (to me) of playing online is that I can see the shoe and then decide if I want to play it. If it looks ugly, just log out and come back another day! MVS
  11. All, I haven't posted much lately but most of my play is online so when I actually make it to a real B&M casino, it's a big deal for me. The wife had some "free play" and we had the time so a quick run down to the Immokalee Indian casino and while she was doing her thing on the slots, I took a quick look at the baccarat table in the main room. Hmm, it's almost 11pm and they still have a $10 table open. Very good. Only one guy playing and I ask to look at his card. It's all 1's and 2's, three Player 4's and 2 Banker 5's. Hmm, no THREE's at all. This is screaming S40M2 at me
  12. Well, the private forum messages are clicking right along and it would appear that the majority of the players are doing well. Just last night I dropped in on my local Indian casino and after looking at what had come earlier in the shoe, I decided on NOR's S40M2 play and pulled out a very nice (and easy) +10. I was just kind of "wasting time" and had not really planned to be there but the wife had free play so when I saw what that shoe was doing, I jumped in. Hard to pass up something showing serious NOR signs to play. MVS
  13. It would appear that the online casinos have kind of standardized on a slightly oversized card at this time. Not nearly as large as the original "Clown Cards" that we used to see, but something about half that size, although still slightly larger than a standard deck of cards. MVS
  14. Absolutely 100% correct. One can learn a lot about "the cards" and the game from dealing shoe after shoe and playing each hand CORRECTLY in your own time frame. This is the way you learn the "WHY" of what you are betting. When dealing out the game and recording your play, ask yourself WHY you are about to make that wager. If you don't know the answer then STOP and track it down! Eventually every wager you make will have a reason. If you write notes in the margin as you practice, it will help even more on "down the line" as you play. It's also an excellent way to get completely up to s
  15. Pando, Thanks for the report. Excellent play. I really miss taking the high speed boat from Kowloon over to Macau for a full day of play. MVS
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