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  1. Yes I did too, before I knew who was who in the baccarat world The Final Word which took 2 years to write wasn't (isn't) worth the paper its written on. Just 24 pages of garbage. When I complained I got banned too - I am in good company I suppose
  2. Dang, pity I am so far away in NZ I will make one someday

    Hi Pando,

    A friend of mine is seriously into the stock market(like  BTC of stock markets) He told me you are about 3 years late. Don't go near bitcoins. You will do your arse. It's way too late, most bitcoins will die .


    1. Pando


      Hi Winbac

      Many thanks for your concern, I appreciate it

      I bought most of my Bitcoin below NZ$8000 and sold most of them at $25000

      So I have done well already and I only have a very small speculative amount still  invested

      But many thanks for you feedback

      Best regards


  4. And I hadn't really considered using 87% solution as a kind of hit and run weapon. I learned a lot
  5. Great stuff guys, some gems in there, something for everyone, well done and thank you
  6. Great work kachatz1 I personally get great inspiration from your posts, we can all learn a lot from them thank you
  7. And just for good measure, from the forum that cannot be named, we have this gem today; Good question Chris The Table Town Promo was suppose to end after the summer because the true value of what Ellis’ teaches is worth 10 times more at least. We only did it to improve our membership because Ellis is determined to create a lot more millionaires from our membership pool. Now we have achieved that membership goal and it’s time to start working with those individuals whom choose to become our next Baccarat millionaire in the making. So at that point our systems will most likely go up to $3,000 or higher to learn the holy grail of gambling vs playing at a very high skill level. And even at that price it’s still under valued compared to the rewards. So like real estate and all other sound investments even Art, value is measured and determined by it’s rewards not it’s costs. And we already know what happens to great art when the Artist achieves his highest level with his craft. It goes up exponentially in both cost and value. Need I say more?
  8. I see the same piece of garbage is posted on the other forum that cannot be named
  9. I like the idea Brad For me, some contributors have ideas that suit how I play, others not so much. Not to say that their contributions are better or worse, its just that I understand them more
  10. Great start Kevin, thanks. I am sure you will get all the help you need from the great gals and guys (including me) in THIS forum regards Pando
  11. Hi allphar Apologies for not giving you a direct answer previously I put all my baccarat cards in my computer and it shows that in more than 90% of ALL shoes from where I play, if there is a 4IAR or more, then there will be another one in the shoe. Now of course its not that straight forward that the 4+IAR's will be sequential. The shoe you posted is a good example of that. It is a shoe with very high 3's, approximately double what is mathematically expected. In a shoe that starts with the 2 x 3's before the first 4IAR, I am very wary and do not make the bet unless 4+IAR's start to dominate more than 3's. By that time we are into a different kind of shoe anyway. I find this trigger very use full when the shoe goes something like 11122211156111121111123 (an actual shoe I played) - then I would play the unconfirmed 3 to go to 4. ( It did you to 4, and ended up 7IAR). It is also useful when the end of the shoe is approaching, and there has only been one 4+IAR in the shoe. I would play any 3 to go to 4 in that situation. Its a trigger that works very well for me. regards Pando
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