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  1. Personally I think shoe selection is obsolete. How can you possibly know what a shoe is going to do? If it is very early in the shoe it often is too early to make a bet. If it's later in the shoe you may have missed out on good run of bets. I believe that when you sit down to a new shoe you have no idea what the shoe will do. What you do know is when a bet is good or bad. Under these premises you just bet when a good opportunity or trigger arises. If you bet on what you should bet on and you lose the bet you always have a stop loss to guard you against these losses.
  2. Hi Brad01

    This is the first time I have seen the roulette post.

    You say that you wait for 1 or 2 repeats. If you have  say 20,20 then you have 9,9 do you then bet on 20 and 9 ?



    Hi Pando,

    A friend of mine is seriously into the stock market(like  BTC of stock markets) He told me you are about 3 years late. Don't go near bitcoins. You will do your arse. It's way too late, most bitcoins will die .


    1. Pando


      Hi Winbac

      Many thanks for your concern, I appreciate it

      I bought most of my Bitcoin below NZ$8000 and sold most of them at $25000

      So I have done well already and I only have a very small speculative amount still  invested

      But many thanks for you feedback

      Best regards


  4. Hi I need a bit of guidance here,

    I first joined BTC in 2007. When BTC changed I lost contact and after some research I concluded that Keith Smith was the way 2go. Since being away from BTC I realised how much important information I have missed out on.. Without being able to refer to the strategies, my play in the last 12 months has gone sideways. I have been terribly frustrated consequently  my play has suffered. I never realised how important it was to have a circle of support around you. 

    I am now going back to basics. I have gone through the nor playing system and realised the importance of modes(which I had forgotten)  I have read and re read nor and I want to go in chronological steps without jumping from one system to the other. Could someone please advise me what the next 2 or3 steps I should take to have some continuity.



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