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  1. The Beau without a doubt.....Harrahs is a dump and Hard Rock is ok. Don’t know about others.
  2. Are you from South Florida......see you play at Pompano
  3. Bong....what an intriguing name.....Welcome to the club. PS are we all staying at @Railrabbithouse?
  4. I’m interested in a Vegas seminar.....but not available last 2 weeks of March
  5. Welcome to the BTC nation

  6. Keith,

    Not able to access forum’s 



  7. Hi @Scooter  I just decided at the last minute to make 2 more trips to Hard Rock Tampa before the end of the month.  I'll be there this Tuesday & Wednesday, 7/19 & 7/20, (today and tomorrow!  How's that for giving notice?  HA!  Sorry!)  Also Tuesday and Wednesday 7/26 and 7/27.   I'll be arriving both Tuesdays around 4pm -- usually leave sometime Wednesday afternoon or evening.  Call if you'd like to get together.   Ron at 386-627-9330  

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