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    Dabbled in baccarat and other casino games for YEARS...was never able to win consistently enough to play big, until joining BTC. Was able to "go pro" in late 2019....now playing in Tampa and Biloxi (mostly Tampa - occasionally Vegas) using an FTS M.O. most often. HR averages about 56%. No longer doing on-line play since I prefer to be paid in cash immediately at the end of my visit. Loving my new post-retirement career!
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    Professional baccarat, hobby radio broadcasting
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    Palm Coast, FL - USA
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    Retired from radio broadcasting. Just baccarat now
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    Pro baccarat, hobby radio broadcasting, ham radio, swimming, classic cars, movies, 40s, 50s & 60s music and the Florida lifestyle!

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  1. Hi Thomas! Could you be a wee bit more specific? Some of us could write entire BOOKS about casinos! I'll leave you with one bit of wisdom ---- Your biggest enemy is not the casino.....It's YOU! It takes tremendous self-control to keep YOU from beating YOURSELF at this game. Welcome aboard and good luck!!
  2. Well - You get what you pay for. (Took me a long time to learn that, too)
  3. @kachatz1 - It sure does. To about 7 1/2 % !!! OW! OW! OW!!!!
  4. Welcome to All! Right now I'm taking a break -- but should be getting back to playing in Tampa late Feb. or early March. Anyone who's going to be in the area around or after that time, contact me! We should get together!
  5. The third zero slot actually has the cruise line's logo stamped on it, so it's not an actual "zero". But it's still GREEN and it still causes every other bet to lose. UGH!!
  6. I was on a Holland America cruise last month. No baccarat on board so I decided to play some roulette for fun. The green spaces seemed to be getting hit an awful lot, so I looked more closely at the wheel, and saw THREE green slots on there! 0, 00, and the cruise line's logo on the 3rd green space. Holy Crow! The odds are bad enough with 2 green slots, let alone 3! I left the live table and played the roulette machines instead. "ONLY" two zeros on those. Beware!
  7. Welcome @hlkhoo All the info on the site may seem overwhelming at first, as it did to most of us, but we are all here to help you!
  8. Don't accept the bonuses from on-line gambling sites! They'll wring you dry by making you rollover your money!! (Just my humble opinion, of course, but I bet I could get a lot of "Amens" on this one!)
  9. @diego Welcome aboard! SO MUCH information in BTC -- don't let it overwhelm you. Digest it at your own pace, then simplify it, and put together a plan that works for YOU! NONE of us play exactly the same way, but ALL of us can help you find YOUR way. Fasten you seatbelt and enjoy the ride!
  10. @Joe6Ok Hi Joe! I've been with BTC for about 5 years and STILL have trouble with that! I just post my questions here on the site and the other members are MOST accommodating in answering them. We all believe "there's no such thing as a dumb question" and will never purposely make you feel foolish for asking anything. Welcome aboard! Better get used to winning some money 'cause you soon will be!
  11. @Dirty Welcome to THE winning baccarat players club! Stay with us and grow. SO MUCH information and help here! Enjoy!
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