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Anyone try WTCSuite Baccarat app yet?

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Recently i see a youtube video of this called WTCSuite baccarat strategy app and it cost $159.99 on google playstore and on sale for $99.99 right now.

The app use pairs system and 1back, 2back,3back, and 4 back system. I think very similar to Kevin 4D method. The app claim it can be a tool to beat baccarat and can be used for roulette too. Have anyone try the app yet?  any opinions?    I have the link to link to the youtube channel of this Wtcsuite baccarat app.

youtube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRgqscLp7tPquYtn7wRFBqA


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There will always be competition in any product arena. It just comes down to the product quality itself. So, a quick comparison.

The Ultimate Baccarat App - Combines multiple systems/tools to automatically track and make recommendations on all 4 Roads at the same time. Not just one tool on one road.

Easy to contact the developer, I've been active on the forum since 2013. Available for Q/A and feedback and bug updates.

For me, The App is just something I love to do. I'd keep working on it even if it wasn't on google or used by others. As evident by how many times I've upgraded the app. It all started with @BronxAl's ORE then I added an expansion to @kachatz1(4)7D and V87, @Keith Smiths Statistical Analysis for tracking trends in winning shoe scores......it continued with my own Derived Recommendations, XTB counters, Dashboards to consolidate the many systems and the Roads Dashboard to play all 4 Roads automatically at the same time....etc.

The app is not just "me" its contains the decades of  combined experience from the members here....."us." On my end, I've got thousands and thousands of hours into The app, more than I could ever recover.....just because I like the people here and I like doing it. I feel very strongly that "The App" is something special and writing  it has been an amazing education in baccarat.

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@Scooter @davidngo55  I have purchased the app. There is a reddit forum of this wtc app. People share their experience with wtc app there. Alot of good feedback there. I think @baldi41joined in that reddit forum too. Look like he got good result from the wtc app. He give alot of great advice while using the app.   Here is the link to the reddit forum if anyone want to take a look.


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Hey dude this is a gambling website, we do not promote crypto only talk about ways to win playing the game of baccarat. So please STOP promoting crypto on this website or the administator will blackball you from promoting crypto  on the website and you will not have access to website.

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