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  1. 2 Heds are better than 1

    1. kachatz1


      Greg...call me...We can play “ online” together...

    2. kachatz1


      Only if you want to...

  2. Over the years, especially in smaller casinos, Or those with just a few tables, I have encountered this obstacle... I know it doesn’t work every shoe, every hand, or whatever...but if you find yourself at a casino where they just won’t give you many free hands, AND you are playing by yourself , ( NICELY, and PATIENTLY) explain to the dealer and the floor manager that you understand their policies, so that in order to adhere To their ‘ rules’, you are going to be taking what is plainly visible on the tote board, and put it through an extensive series of testing before betting any given han
  3. Hey TRB... doing fine so far with the Pandemic scenario....first couple of weeks without the casino had to seek out some heavy meds, but a couple of new neighbors moved into the ‘ hood and all is well ( Jack Daniels , Jim Beam some guy who calls himself ‘Captain Morgan’ ) Be Safe out there !
  4. Thinking everyone knows I live here in Las Vegas...used to live in FL before moving here... before that, 17 years in Chicago...and before that, 10 yrs. in California, and 28 in Ohio... ( there were no casinos in Ohio back then, just card clubs in California @ the time, and while in Chicago...had to travel up to Pauwakee Indian casino in Milwaukee, or down to the boats out toward St. Louis, or Hammond, Indiana had a few casinos...then finally the Rivers Casino opened up in Chicago, right before I moved to Florida in 2007 ....closest 250 miles to Biloxi)
  5. SoulJazz- OK — S.U.G.G.E.S.T.I.O.N...here you go... HOW2WIN-BETTING101 (a) Starting with betting hands 1-10, establish a “GOAL” for yourself 1st 10 hands ( Flat-betting , win 1 more than you lose, only making 1 bet those sit 10 hands, MAX!) When you get to +1 or -1 , even it is your very 1st bet, COMPLETELY (!) STOP BETTING UNTIL HAND 11( excluding ties) ———————————————————————————————————- (b) Hands 11-20 the same, still down to 1 bet max, and if you get to +1 or- 1 within this range , COMPLETELY STOP BET
  6. 1) “ improving “ your BetSelection win-rate day by day, week by week, month by month should ( IMO) be your #1 TARGET to aim for. - so make sure you measure it, increment-by-increment, until you finally settle on what measurement yields the best results...( Rinse & Repeat)...careful to keep accurate daily and cumulative stats to help you truly evaluate/ improve your progress. 2) Next, learn how to break-down your results / measurements into sequences smaller than a whole shoe... ( 1 hand, 10 hands, 1/2 a shoe, etc...etc...) - This is Manufacturing
  7. Good commentary here. There are many, many betting progressions which can be USEFUL, OR, DESTRUCTIVE...” depending”... SPOILER ALERT: Everything logical for you as a player depends on your “ hit rate” ( percentage of bets you win, vs. those you lose.), your bankroll, your tolerance for risk and your understanding of how to read a shoe, and bet/don’t bet accordingly I never ventured progressed to the math level of QUADRATIC EQUATIONS ...( surprisingly, my former wife did) , but if I had, thinking I could give you a A+B, -2xC, divided by .5A = D ( decision...what to do/ bet
  8. Now ....that is Elegant. (or, Elegant 1) So keep on keeping on. Grind out those wins. - Even you have to “ sit-on-your-hands” until they feel numb... - What at first hurts, feels way better you start winning more than you lose. Best of luck to you, and to everyone talking their time to read this. And...more importantly, putting it into practice.... (very few will do it. But even fewer will regret it...) ouchee. hurts so good. (You’ll get used
  9. almost forgot, if you would like to contact me directly my # is 972-742-0765

    1. kachatz1


      Should be no problem to meet up...Just let me know your times of arrival/ departure and where you are staying.

    2. scubadude


      Hey Kevin, Thanks for the reply, Ill be arriving Vegas Jan 2  at 11:52 am and will be staying at the Orleans. Looking forward to meeting you.

  10. Kevin, i will be in Vegas Jan 2-5 and would love to meet with you. Ive been trying your 87% method at some of the casinos in Shreveport LA but, would like your input and observe how you play it. Let me know if we can meet up.

    1. kachatz1


      OK, suggest we meet up at Gold Coast Hotel/ Casino...it’s about a mile from The Orleans...

      Meet up Friday, Jan 3@9:00 am in TGI Friday’s Restaurant ....we’ll talk some, then move to the tables...

    2. scubadude


      Sounds good, I'll send you there.

  11. CBSsportsline site is ROCKING! - ( and no , I am not an ‘ Affiliate’, nor will I accept 5-cents from any of you) But only way I can help you is you call me 850-687-3128 Look at it this way: - I am telling you / showing you how to win. You can reject my offer. You can call me a fool...( or whatever you want to) You ?Just have to follow some simple instructions... Mkyle8385@gmail.com. Send me your phone contact,I put it in my phone, so I know when you call, It’s not some form of telemarket
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