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  1. Hey Brad, what are your thoughts? Been busy entertaining family & friends out to Vegas last 10 days…trying to play catch up with the FritoBandido! & Cheetos… Thinking this some good and entertaining stuff… (like to see how a BTC member looks at it) - I’ll have a look and give it a whirl, as well.. Wolfat is ex-Italy, currently ( last I checked ) in Thailand…thinking we can all contribute to a ‘round’the’world’ spin on it!
  2. Hey Wolfat…just catching up and read thru the thread…was wondering you’d be willing to put forth a 1-5, or 1-10 step-by-step strategy/ matrix/if this…then that/ kind of approach to doing this?/ playing along these lines… Thinking you will get a lot of interest…don’t have to do it 100% total…can proceed step by step? - or, if you think best, all at once… Thanks and hoping all week with you and the family.. Kevin
  3. PS (30 years of Baccarat lessons , right there ) 1/3 1/3 1/3 ( just, will you listen?) or learn..call me 850-687-3128 I’ll give it to you straight..j
  4. Bacclover Anybody plays side-by side- me , they know I only play to win - Sometimes I don’t win, I can’t win… I want to win, but I can’t …. The next day, it’s ‘ all good’ Find the shoe that you can win . There is no other purpose than winning. Winning is everything.I only play to win And when I am losing (?) ( - watch how quick I -get- out -of-that-game… ) GO, Find me a game I can win……… I’ve said it over and over . About a third of the games, you should win easily… - About a third of the games, you are gonna have to work-at-it, in order to win… - About a third of the games , you can’t win…you won’t win… get out, as soon as U can… Baccarat 101. Any questions?
  5. It’s all 50/50 , until it’s not (And usually , it’s not) That’s why you are here WHAT TO DO WHEN ITS NOT !!!!
  6. Hey HB Anybody ever plays with me, they know I mean business. Don't like losing, as many have observed me doing…but when I do, I get-up and move along …try to find a more friendly game…whether in that casino, or another. I have long given-up on the idea that ‘any game can be beaten’, and instead turned my focus to the 65-75% that can…even at that level , About 50% of THOSE GAMES fall right into 5D, and the other half I have to call upon any number or things I know how to win ( like the 10 best bets) . That other 25-35% ? Get out while you can…some games just cannot be beaten, and if you ‘ keep your powder dry ‘ , you’ll be a consistent winner over time… - (oh yeah, the part about “keeping your powder dry” comes from a fondness for Western/Cowboy-Indian movies…pretty much seen most of them !) - And yes, those movies were indeed about Baccarat…
  7. Am really hoping this COVID thing doesn’t stop us from IBS3. Any chance I get to play with the best, I’m going to take it! IBS1 in Macau IBS2 in Bahamas IBS3 scheduled for Canada…got shut down… (—— I’m all over it, when things clear up!)
  8. HeyHB- I got lucky. Met up with Andrea/ Wolfat in Macau @ IBS1…2019. this after many years of communication via email, etc… - We got to play together quite a bit, and nothing I could say would adequately explain just how good he is playing the game. Really hard to explain what “ playing good” means, but -Patience - Discipline - Knowledge of many ways to play ( just a few of them) And perhaps the greatest of all? ( he wrote it all down, he kept track of everything. ) I mean e.v.e.r.y.t.h.I.n.g. We played for hours together…whether table, or 8 games Stadium @MGM, and he was all over it… I didn’t think any other BAC player ( could’a, would’a, should’a, Even might’a ) done this, but in Macau he was all best-foot-forward So he tries to help you understand this, do that ( best you listen)
  9. It’s kind of hard to ‘ teach FOCUS’ - At an early age, I remember my father trying to “ teach” good behavior , with a belt ( p.s.he never beat us!) - Later on, all he had to do was make a motion towards taking his-belt-off, and we were all goody2shoes next 30 minutes… - Later on, college intervened, and I learned how to separate things that were “ tension-relieving”, from “ goal-achieving” - Then came the hard part. I HAD TO TEACH OTHERS. OR, more aptly, I had to instruct them in the finer points… - you’d have to ask others ,but some might consider me a lousy-teacher… ( Just what are ‘ the finer points’ , anyways?) - and who says so? Well , either way, I had to do it. Same as with Baccarat. Likely many of you know more than me. Or, not? - my objective is merely… To show you “a way “, ( not” the only way “ ) Best way to success, is you carve your own path. Something you believe in. Something you can follow. Otherwise, thinking you have no chance… BECAUSE IF YOU CANT BELIVE IN YOURSELF, WHO YOU GOING TO BELIEVE IN?
  10. Am working with Keith to explore broadening the BTC experience to include the ( by far ) largest tribe goes to the casino every day…(SLOT PLAYERS) With the advent of Stadium, and the proliferation of on-line play, a lot of Baccarat play now within the wheelhouse understanding of the slot player/video game enthusiast. Artificial intelligence apps, and the kind of things XDN working on just moves us all closer together in the casino… Just look back a couple of years in BTC forum, and lots of new ideas, new inputs, new methodologies last several years help us all to explore and understand how to win, not just how to play the game… More to follow…and we will all benefit from the effort…
  11. 2 Heds are better than 1

    1. kachatz1


      Greg...call me...We can play “ online” together...

    2. kachatz1


      Only if you want to...

  12. Over the years, especially in smaller casinos, Or those with just a few tables, I have encountered this obstacle... I know it doesn’t work every shoe, every hand, or whatever...but if you find yourself at a casino where they just won’t give you many free hands, AND you are playing by yourself , ( NICELY, and PATIENTLY) explain to the dealer and the floor manager that you understand their policies, so that in order to adhere To their ‘ rules’, you are going to be taking what is plainly visible on the tote board, and put it through an extensive series of testing before betting any given hand. Since they are giving you free pen+paper to write things down on, explain you will keep three scorecards..(.using any methodology you understand....with each scorecard a different way of looking at the game...and bet accordingly ) - Like #1 is Naturals, #2 is Disparities, #3 is SAP , or perhaps V87 (use your imagination!) I guarantee you 100% they will ask you what you are doing, and if you ( NICELY, and PATIENTLY) explain you are just “ recording” all the information on their tote board, albeit in a different fashion, carefully keeping track of the game so as to accommodate and abide by their own set of rules, you won’t be banned...you won’t be kicked out, or anything like that. But what you will gain is the benefit of taking all the time you need to make table-minimum bets , the likely result of which you will more than likely WIN, or even just stay in a narrow range between your stop win and stop loss parameter since you are not rushed between bets...thereby making the best decision(s) you can. It won’t take long. Before you know it, a few more players will likely show up, and they will be the ones who will keep the game moving at a more normal pace...from which point you can either speed up your ‘ analysis ‘, and keep pace with them...or, just FTWP (Follow the winning player) I know it’s a pain to put on a show like this, but it is actually entertaining as it won’t be long before you will have an ‘ audience ‘ of casino personnel who will be intrigued by your patience and willingness to explain the various things necessary to actually win more bets than you lose....most of whom will be intrigued by your thoughtful approach(es) to the game, or will have no friggin’ idea what you are talking about. ( NOT ONLY THAT, BUT YOU CAN ‘ chat them up’ about their families, etc, etc...and that will definitely get them rooting for you to win...) You can always prepare in advance at home ....Take a shoe from SBI, from which you already know the sequence of outcomes....Record it 3 different ways, and sharpen your P/ B ( Plenty of Bullshit) “ talking points” about how to chose winning hands... - Take those 3 cards with you to the casino, and keep referring back and forth to them as you play an actual game...as if you are using historical data to make current decisions ... Next visit to the casino you will be amazed at the reception you get... nobody will care how long you take between hands, but they will be intrigued / amazed by your approach...😇 And most important, you will likely come out a winner...by just slowing down, and taking all the time you need to figure out what the shoe is giving you.......and if still not winning? - Ask for a NEW SHOE...they will more than likely accommodate you because you are trying so darn hard to win!! ( and beat them at their own game...because a different shoe can easily throw the advantage in your favor...) Sneaky Bast __d!
  13. Hey TRB... doing fine so far with the Pandemic scenario....first couple of weeks without the casino had to seek out some heavy meds, but a couple of new neighbors moved into the ‘ hood and all is well ( Jack Daniels , Jim Beam some guy who calls himself ‘Captain Morgan’ ) Be Safe out there !
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