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  1. Kevin: How long a time sequence do you have in between rounds to place your Bac bet with the live dealer servicing the 23 player area in the Stadium gaming concept at the Venetian? Is it a set time or does it vary by player volume? Is the $5 minimum bet always available? Is it an 8 deck pre shuffled game or new cards after each game? Thank You for all your academic contributions, observatons, and live games you unselfishly share on this forum.
  2. A bac "bank"($$$$$) of live shoes contributed daily by players from all over the btc world would be a most valuable tool for those individuals targeting a specific geographical destination for live casino play....your vegas contributions are beyond helpful for those of us that come to vegas and play for weeks/months on a per trip basis....count me in...thanks again kevin !!!!
  3. Kevin: Ty for all the live shoes once again......really appreciate the timely postings....
  4. Sincerest condolences to you, Andrea......
  5. Hey K21... Thanks for posting the Vegas Bac shoes....Keep em' coming....Very much appreciated....!!!!
  6. Pando: Congratulations on a highly successful MDB+ trip !!!! Thank You for sharing your report and the sample shoes. Dcurl....
  7. Good Luck and safe travels Sir Pando.....Thank You for your shoe postings and comments !!!
  8. trbfla: Thank you for your reply...please post the toughest shoes you feel were the most challenging.....are these all pre shuffled touch shoes or other type?? Your comments and efforts are much appreciated.
  9. trbfla: Could you please post your shoes from your weekend at the Rock, at your convenience ??? Thank you for your contributions and comments.
  10. Spec9: Thanks for your reply...looking forward to some of your 45 shoe samples, if you are able to locate some of them. How much time do you have to place your bets at the Palazzo Imperial Bac game with 2 live dealers between rounds? Are they on the clock, like Online, or do they give players a little time in between rounds? Can you describe the set up? Highest and lowest limits for Bac betting? Thank you for any input when you get time. Good Hunting and Success to all of you this coming weekend !!!!
  11. Spec9: If it is not an inconvenience, could you possibly post a few of the 45 Bac games you evaluated at the Palazzo? Nice to have you "Bac" and posting great information....Good Luck!!!!
  12. Thank you pando for sharing your bac shoes...when reading your shoes vertically for each column, do the decisions start with player or banker? Thank you.....
  13. Way2Fast: Thank you for an excellent review of your winning MDB+ A/C Experience....Is it possible and convenient to post some of your 8 shoes so we may practice against them?
  14. Are your vegas shoes from south point or gold coast or both? Thanks for posting them. I should have included your quote in previous post so as not to get confused with siki's 100 shoes. Ty.
  15. Thank you for posting your live shoes. They are much appreciated. Are these shoes from gold coast or south point or both?
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