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Sands Macau Trip Report

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So after my analysis of the shoes at Galaxy Macau (posted earlier) I am fairly confident that MDB+ friendly shoes are the norm in Macau.

I decide to take up the challenge at Sands Macau for the remaining 2 days of my stay. Sands has always been my preferred casino there. Its in the city, is not too big, has a good vibe, and the food, whatever you prefer, is outstanding (Buffet breakfast US$15, Buffet lunch US$20, Buffet dinner US$35).

I spend part of the day cruising the tables that have the lowest minimum which is HK$500. (Some of the new 7UP Baccarat are $200 minimum but I am not interested in those). There are 15 tables which meet the criteria so I spend some time recording some shoes which are as follows;










I deduce that there are enough MDB+ signals there to proceed.

I sit at the first table I see where there are MDB+ signals already. The particular shoe already had

3 x 3's, and some 4's and 5's. As I sit down the shoe is showing 2 x 5's and a 4 poised to go to 5 (or not).

I buy in for 1 HK$500 unit and sit at the end of the table. The crowd are all on player following down the runs. I bet on banker (4 to stay 4) with my only chip which causes a titter from the Chinese players. There are some quite sizeable bets of HK$30,000 and more on player, I am alone on banker. The guy with the biggest bet gets the Player cards, he squeezes out a King and a six. I get the banker cards, I turn over an Ace (another titter from the crowd). When I turn an 8 for a natural the titters turn to sighs.

I play 3 more hands at this table and win them all, all MDB+ bets. End of shoe. End of the guy betting the HK$30,000/hand.

The tables were either very crowded or empty and I found it hard to get a seat so I decided I would cruise the $500 tables and pick the eye of all of the shoes. It was a great decision.

In the next hour or so I win another 9 straight MDB+ bets, total 13 straight for the night. Just like OTR in NOR really, so I decide I will quit at the first loss which was the 14th bet.

That was reward enough to buy a nice buffet dinner for both of us.

On the final day in Macau I thought I would repeat the process.

The shoes appeared no different from the day(s) before so I started again, buying in for only one unit. This time I managed 8 straight wins before a loss, at which point I quit and took the profit.

One thing I noticed was that the hands I played and won were won with 9's (3 times), 8's (2 times),

7's (2 times) and a six. I had not really taken much notice of the scores before but maybe this is a feature of MDB+ we don't know about.

My final observation is that the players in Macau play the same way as they do here in New Zealand. They all move from table to table betting almost entirely OTR. The trigger seems to be 3 IAR, then they all jump in with the same bet.

They could not understand any of my bets (using MDB+), and were quite mystified that I would make one bet, win, and move on to another table.

My final observation is that, just as Ellis told us, the cards in Macau are super random MDB+ friendly shoes. There are all pre-shuffled 8 deck Angel cards that can be taken apart with MDB+.

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Pando, a very professional report!

You have no idea how much you have improved my spirits to know that, like Vegas, Macau is susceptible to MDB+.

I was hoping beyond hope that would be the case.

I particularly enjoyed your table selection procedure.

Unlike Vegas, Macau is particularly susceptible to table selection by a pro that knows how to do it.

And you did it very professionally.

In Baccarat, whether NOR or MDB+ table selection is EVERYTHING.

BTC is table selection dependent and table selection oriented.

Those who get that WIN! The rest.....

Macau, with their great table dispersement, is ideally susceptible to professional table selection

and you demonstrated exactly how to go about it.

When you think about it, a player who deploys professional table selection puts himself in a can't lose environment.

Guys look! So you play 20 shoes on your kitchen table and win 10 and say this system sucks!

ALL systems suck when you don't apply one or both of our two most important tools.

System Selection and Table Selection. You can't do that on your kitchen table.

When you play Baccarat against a casino your ENTIRE advantage is derived from System Selection and or Table Selection.

We have been insisting on that since the beginning of this forum. Few listen!

You have 3 choices:

1.) Select the system that will best beat the shoe at hand.

2.) Select the easiest table to beat in the casino.

3.) BOTH

Those three tools is what separates gamblers from PLAYERS.

We are trying to make each of you a PLAYER. Because pure gambling is a sickness.

We have been talking about table selection since the beginning of this forum -

yet few actually do it. Pando did it and the results are plain to see. The guy's a pro.

But I want you ALL to be pros.

Look, the results of playing a system on 20 random shoes on your kitchen table is meaningless to me.

Because you ignored our two most important tools.

ALL systems suck under those conditions.

Pando FIRST looked to see if the casino was susceptible to MDB+.

YES, it was! So he then looked for the best tote board to play.

ANYONE who takes those professional steps will be successful.

Anyone who doesn't is a mere gambler.

Which are YOU?

Now, changing the subject and putting my Marketing hat on for a moment:

Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Van Couver, Boston, along with the entire west coast of Canada is a HUGE Baccarat market.

And yes, we have a contact in Macau trying to get the BTC name out.

But here is the problem: In general. the Chinese are NOT systems oriented.

They play mostly by "superstition" let's call it.

Their play methods, whatever the hell they are, are responsible for record breaking casino profits beyond all professional estimates.

It is a national disgrace!

Pando has just clearly demonstrated that we, BTC, are the answer.

The few Chinese who have learned our ways have done very well by us.

But the key word there is "few".

Baccarat is a Mathematical game. Superstition hasn't a freaking thing to do with it as the Chinese have clearly demonstated.

But HOW do we get the word out???

We are willing to pay huge commissions to anyone who figures out how to break into this market.

AND, you would be doing these people good!

So OK, we can't make a winner out of everybody but some will get it.

The rest, I can at least cut their huge and disgraceful losses.

With your help!

But what is the key to that market???

I don't have a clue.

Look at what Pando did. There is nothing freaking hard about it.

Step 1, step 2, step 3.

BTC is table selection oriented.

Now you know which table is most susceptible to MDB+ and where to enter the game.

The system is SIMPLE. Just get in the right game at the right time.

THAT is 99.9% of the battle.

And Pando just showed you exactly how to do it.

Edited by Ellis
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I'm getting too old and sickly to do it myself anymore.

I play vicariously through YOU these days.

So I want you to play right.

Ask yourself: What would Ellis do?

The answer will usually be: I wouldn't play that table.

So OK, I'm chicken. I only play tables I already KNOW I can beat.

I don't give a hoot which system I end up playing.

I look for easy wins.

Baccarat is not the time or place to be a hero.

Play the easy tables!

If you can't find an easy table, you're better off at the buffet. It's cheaper.

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Hi Ellis,

Thank you for your kind words but you are doing yourself a disservice here

My success is due entirely to the information available on BTC

I only started playing baccarat in September last year and everything

I have learned is from this website and your good self.

Its you and your team who deserve the credit - we only follow your guidelines

as you tell them.

By the way I forgot to say that apart from 2 bets on my first night at Sands, all

of my bets were after the three consecutive 2+'s trigger that 1 stays 1. So 19 of

those 21 bets won on the FIRST step of the progression of that bet alone, I did

not have to go any further. That's an amazing statistic. (I am sure it will interest

way2fast who sets his trigger for this bet at four consecutive 2+'s).

I have already gone back through my New Zealand casino cards and there is no way

that the figure here is that high.

Again as you say, horses for courses.



Edited by Pando
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Far out Pando that's an amazing result for such a short time playing.

I hope I can reach the same level of success as you with some hard work.

I'm sort of focused on NOR right now and phasing in MDB.

Some of the triggers you talk about I don't see those results at my casino

That 3 consecutive 2+'s I don't think would have as high a hit as what you get

Also the 2 sporadic ones and bet next 1 goes double one that way2fast talks about I also don't see that high a hit rate as what you guys get.

Still trying to figure out my casino

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Hi Brad01

As I said I am relatively new to Baccarat and prior to this trip

had only played in Auckland, New Zealand

The triggers there are much different from what I found in Macau

and Singapore.

So it just proves what Ellis says - that all casinos have to be treated

on their own merits, and even more, each shoe needs to be treated

on its own merits.

My Asian trip proved that 100%



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