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  1. as u said oz and ct the myth of it all is not how safe the 345 is but the jump u have to make from a base bet to get on it. as ct said a $25 player winning say 4 or 5 bets is up $100 and feels confident so decides to employ a 345 their initial bet is $75 to get on the 345 progression and everyone knows it's when u raise your bets you are at the most risk. if they lost that bet that's wiped out more than half of their winnings in what was a good session. thats psychologically pretty damn hard to deal
  2. my idea is: Every well known or long time member who tends to post and start a lot of discussion on the forum has their own thread or blog instead of starting any new topics. I will explain my reasoning in next post. meanwhile: comments?
  3. my idea is: Every well known or long time member who tends to post and start a lot of discussion on the forum has their own thread or blog instead of starting any new topics. I will explain my reasoning in next post. meanwhile: comments?
  4. I wouldn't be so sure ! Yes given he can play baccarat but: Oz reminds me of my dad - still thinks you withdraw cash from a bank by going into the counter, you still get your paycheck in a brown envelope at the end of the week, and the Internet is evil and full of weirdo's crack up!
  5. I thought about this one: you as the player are like a high court judge. you must listen to both cases - banker and player - all arguments for and against. you must have experience and not be biased to make a fair decision. A judge must spend many years in the legal system before they can be a judge
  6. Here is the example shoe posted again showing the pb patterns on top line and then the or and OT patterns below the pb patterns in sync with their occurrence. i got this idea from kachatz and his 4d / 5d play where you track multiple variables at the same time looking for opportunities in all. i could track oott as well and even Ooottt and they would show opportunities but 3 is enough for now. a note that I did not have room to record the last event which is a 1 opposite. also I have written the straight and zz events for each line above them and below them on second line which is confusing but I think you will figure it out (mistake which makes it confusing but they are still listed correctly whether under or over the lines) if if you look at the 2 and 3 clusters in each line I think you will see the betting opportunities
  7. Hi purpleink I did check it and don't belive there was errors but I may be wrong - where I feel you may be confused is the counting of zz 2's: ppbbppbb - 2222 - written with zz events is - 2222222
  8. Hi way2fast. Thanks for reading my post and giving your input I do appreciate that. While I do agree that every decision is either T or OT sounds like a silly statement because it has to be 1 or the other and the same is also true for PB or OR, I do think T and OT differ because they can be stand alone strategies by themselves and will cover every major bias possible fairly well. I don't feel this is the same for PB and OR because if you execute these by themselves they will not cover every possible bias nearly as well IMO. The chart u were looking at was actually the shoe recorded as o and t trends so I did not make it clear by posting it underneath the p and b trends. so for example start of shoe is b113 so that chart shows it in terms of o and t: TOT so I am recording the o and t events in terms of numerical events. i could do the same for o and R as well and look for O v T betting opportunities amongst all 3 variables. hope you understand better. Also interested in ur thoughts on my next posts
  9. Hi Tim, I'm not full time yet. Probably because I have a lot going on with my business at moment and in the last year so that has really limited the amount of time I have had to practice and play etc It is still my goal and I know I will make it just hopefully it will not take until I'm as old as Oz !!!!!! ha ha ha Like I said when I do I will come and see you in Brisbane although I have heard the casino there is not the greatest? Apparently its in a historic building or something and they cant modify it so its pretty outdated and small I have however played at Jupiters on Gold Coast less than a year ago and I really like it there. Crown Perth is also pretty flash now and is good to play at so Im happy at this point to be able to just play there a few times a week
  10. Thanks. Ellis posted a method here a few years ago: A simple million dollar system where it used triggers to switch between tbl and otbl. The concept was good as always but once again probably where it went wrong was claiming it was a counter to casino orchestration combined with mechanical triggers and a negative progression. i believe tbl and otbl is enough to win if you don't use negative progressions or mechanical switches and watch for the clumping of 2's and 3's or the clumping if 4's and 4+'s with 3's. then just pick the right times to switch. 3's are neutral and should be treated as either depending on what they are with
  11. A picture speaks 1000 words the example shoe with zz and straight events written as they occur the 4 at the start and the end are assumed zz events in order to be able to count them
  12. Hi Stan. My theory is this: There is no such things as 1's (1iar) events 1's are simply part of a ZZ run So therefore the lowest possible events are 2iar and 3iar So the basis of my theory is the prime numbers 2 and 3 are also the 2 prime events. I will explain more later
  13. Hey Pando the great thing is that you can reverse the theory and apply it to TBL in which case you will be grouping clumps of 4's and 4+ events into clumps along with 3's that occur with 4's or 4+'s 2's will clumped separately as they are undesirable and 3's if they occur with 2's are also undesirable I suppose it really depends which of the 2 (TBL or OTBL) you prefer as to which may choose to target Of course you could choose both and switch but I don't do that I just ignore TBL bias (I know you are opposite in your strategy) Of course this may be dependant on the shoes that you play most because you are probably gonna like the bias more if it wins you more! Yes I plan to keep this going and explain the strategy more and how it can be put into practise to win.
  14. Anyway I think you get the point I see great power in 23 and the fact that 2 and 3 are the first 2 PRIME numbers So it got me thinking I've always liked OTBL over anything else and how could I use that to win. What I decided was that ZZ's are as important as Straight events and so they should be recorded as well. At the same time I should record the OT patterns to see if the trends could also assist. I will demonstrate with this shoe which I recently played: B11311511112321311312111424213211 So if I was to record the ZZ events along with the straight events it would look like: 43456223223343325422242233224 1's at the start and the end have to be assumed that there is an imaginary straight event so you can count them Now what I noticed is that 2's and 3's appear in clumps: 43456 2232233 4 332 54 222 4 223322 4 3's I consider to be neutral events unless they appear with 2's Now if I record the OT events of the above shoe: TOTOTTOTTTOTTTOTTTTOOOTOOOTOOOTOTOTTOTOTOOTTTOTTOOTTOOOTOTO and I was to treat them as I would banker and player: T111213143131311112111123122231111 Then I record the straight and ZZ events on one line as I did above: 523334233333626223322222236 And then separate the 2's and 3's: 5 2333 4 233333 6 2 6 22332222223 6 So now we have 2 variables in the same game grouped into clumps of 2's and 3's: 43456 2232233 4 332 54 222 4 223322 4 5 2333 4 233333 6 2 6 22332222223 6 Now what you may notice above is that the 2's and 3's clumps occur at different times in the shoe. 2's and 3's are consecutive events so if you are aiming for a 2 in the clump and you miss you only just miss as it will be a 3 So do you think from the above I could see some betting opportunities? More on this later
  15. Ok I'm still new to SFP and the options / tricks Still probably best part of an hr by the time you dug up the shoes and entered them all. This is the greatest thing about this forum - REAL players giving up their time to help others.
  16. Just wondering - did you enter them all manually? 2 - 3 mins a shoe x 60 = couple of hrs of your time?!
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