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  1. hi keith Brian Conkey here just letting you know I have not got a conformation for tonights practise

  2. Hi Ellis, I'm in, just let us all know when and where to send the check. Brain...
  3. Hi Ellis, leave it to me to look at all the threads 10 times and go right by it 10 times. Thank for takeing the time to post them. All is understood. I wanted to ask you about the 2hi system are you going ahead with it? If so is the price going to be the same as a month ago? Thanks again, Brian.
  4. modnar, I've been a member here since I believe 2005 I have access to everything BAC related including MDB+. The reason I asked is I'm seeing posts about things that I believe were not original rules. I want to make sure I have everything right. Ellis said in a prior post that he would post the rules. Ellis woud you please take care of this. Thanks, Brian. PS I've already asked this in the million dollar bac thread thought I'd ask on this thread.
  5. Hi Ellis, not trying to be a pain in the ass, but could or waytofast post the MDB+ rules again? I believe I do not have all the info correct. Also are you going ahead with the 2 hi system? Thanks, Brian..
  6. Ellis you mentioned in a prior post that you would repost MDB+ rules. Would you mind doing that for us? I can't seem to find them. Thanks, Brian.
  7. Hello everyone, count me in I think that would be a great way to go. Brian...
  8. Hi tiger, I have been with Ellis since the early 90's first new blackjack then Bac. You wont find a better place to learn these games. I've had success with both games. He tells it like it is, period. Give it a try you wont be disappointed. Brian.........
  9. Hello everyone, Ellis could you put up a couple of shoes with play by plays? I've gone thru 50 shoes and won 48 of them. Some from Vegas others from my local casino all touch games. Either this way of playing is the cats ass, or I'm doing it wrong. Most likely the latter, LOL. I even won some out of your old tester! Thanks for all the info so far. Brian..
  10. Hello everyone, Ellis will you be posting the rules for MDB+ on the forum? Or is what you did on Keith's shoe all we need to know. Looking at some shoes from Vegas and my local casino it beat everyone. Vegas was preshuffled local was not. All touch games. Thanks, Brian
  11. Hi Ellis, hope you got the situation fixed. My dad used to say family first. Glad your back, Brian.
  12. Hello everyone, Ellis has not posted in two days anyone know whats up? I hope everything is ok. It's not like him to not post. Thanks,Brian..
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