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  1. Any new systems I can try out? Updated content? I've been MIA but looking at coming back if there is new content.
  2. How is everyone? Recently started playing again got some free time on my hands. Just wanted to check in.
  3. Hahaha. Not even the employees knew they were shutting down.
  4. What are your reason's for playing. Do you guys play for fun/recreational. What are your goals? Wondering if I should go back and play more. Methodology used. When you are prepared to enter the casino do you have rituals or mantras to live by. WinLoss_GC_2016.pdf
  5. Because a picture is worth a thousand words. One of the members asked what my score card looks like these are just examples. My score card is slightly smaller than the score cards you get at the casino. I do write down every card value just in case I want to go back and study the shoe to see if I need to make any adjustments.
  6. I can see this going no where quickly. I guess I'm done wasting my time. Trying to pay it forward. Because this is what works for me right now. This information is invaluable. I just thought I'd share it. Free of charge. Peace out and Good Luck on your journey.
  7. Baccon, "I assume he bets all in." Who the hell bets all in? You sir might be playing the wrong game. Last I checked this is the baccarat forum. Your comment is hilarious ,but not helping anybody.
  8. Some players actually do notice my progression and bet accordingly. I think what gets people's attention is my bank roll. I mean we are sitting at a table for 2-4 hours staring at each other's chips stack. Trust me they notice. Are you for real? Do you know how common it was to have two consecutive losses back to back. It only happened to me once. What happened next the shoe was over. I played the next shoe and got my money back. Is your bank roll large enough to have 2 consecutive losses? "It's very steep and just too common to lose 3 bets in a row." Are you saying that based on
  9. Happy Chinese New Year. I have no comps because I win. My win/loss statement says I'm up. Why is it difficult? Are you playing with emotions? Break down what pen pal Ellis is trying to say. Anybody still using 4d still? NOR Netrual Opposite Repeat My version is PBOR PLAYER BANKER OPPOSITE REPEAT What is chop? All opposites What is 2iar 1 opposite and 1 repeat What is 3iar 1 opposite and 2 repeats. If you keep track of this you are golden. Keep a progression of 3: 124. My bank roll is a series of 7. Damn I t
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