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  1. Thanks for your perspective and outlining the future of the forum.
  2. After some trials on paper, this skip 36 system beats 1s, 2s, 5s, 6s. . . etc. Breaks even on 4s. Loses only on 3s. Pretty robust except in shoes with a lot of 3s.
  3. Question for consideration: TB4L seems to beat virtually everything but the terrible twos with a 1-2-4 progression, and OTB4L beats the terrible twos and does well with threes as well with a simple 1-2-3 progression. I'm wondering if it makes some sense to consider these two systems [as opposed to three systems] when examining the SAP numbers? Perhaps this has already been considered in some of the older forums related to game play, but logically it would at least seem to make sense. gb
  4. As another member of the class, it was great to have the opportunity to sit down after a live shoe and dissect exactly what happened both good and bad, examining SAP counts, and where decision making faltered. Speculator9 was quite insightful as were Keith and Mike. Very fruitful in advancing my understanding. Wish I could be there in August, but will be out of town. gb
  5. There was a code provided by Keith in one of the forum posts. Search around a bit. I don't recall it at this moment. Or contact Keith.
  6. S40M3 is deeply appealing with the capacity to win 1s, 2s, and 3s. The -6 is harder to deal with. Perhaps the 102 progression Ellis described could solve that latter problem.
  7. Agreed. High 2s and 4s, but especially high 3s and 4s are the most problematic. gb
  8. Greetings: You can find the rules for BaS40M1 and BaS40 in the thread labeled "Introduction to Million dollar bac." The rules for BaOTB4L are found throughout the thread "BaOTB4L+5 Practice." A few key posts within these two threads will give you the rules for each of the three systems. Hope this helps. gb
  9. Ellis: I know you've been busy, and I so appreciate the play by play shoes you've posted so far!! Thanks. As I mentioned a few posts ago, this particular shoe was a challenge due to a three followed by a six followed by two twos [then the P5 split across the two lines]. I'm new to applying SAP, but this particular combination was a challenge for me partly due to the losses up front. I would welcome your ideas and comments. Greg B13622114 P13143125 P1
  10. I've been playing a whole pile of old shoes with this new method, with very positive results. The combination of SAP with the Ba+5 methods seems to be very conservative with low potential losses and high likelihood of hitting the +5. Great results. I would like to hear feedback on the following shoe, as I'm having quite a bit of challenge with it: B13622114 P13143125 P1
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