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  1. 1988! Sh.t, I wasn’t even around then uncle Wolfy. Seriously well said Oz! No BS just the truth... You can’t beat experience.
  2. For the data programing guys this game has been played for century’s by some of the greats mathematical minds that have been around from its start. It is a well know fact the the game is 50/50 odds and over a period of time all results will return to their averages of 50% 1’s, 25% 2’s, 12.5% 3’s & 12.5% 4+’s. Another way of saying it is on average there will be 500 player results and 500 banker results per 1000s plays. You can break it down even more but I won’t bother. So Supersonics thinks he can make a judgment on a system /method running less than a dozen shoes through a programme or even worst playing live without practicing them first, not the characteristics of a professional player. Sputnik I know has been running programme data on Baccarat for quite some time maybe he can enlighten Supersonics on his findings. But guys don’t forget two things while playing with you programs, the first is the house edge and the most important thing is the game of Baccarat is a thinking mans game and not for computer programmes based on mathematical certainties. SBI does not play Baccarat for you nor does it find the data for winning methods, YOU must do all the hard work yourself, YOU must do the hard miles yourself. What SBI does do is give you a place to input all your shoes from where you play or intend to play along with every other member of the forum and then practice them until YOU learn how to beat the game mathematicians and your programmes say can’t be beaten. That is were the true value of SBI lies, and IMHO that is invaluable.
  3. Guys thanks for pod cast, great topics and invaluable information... The time and effort you guys give for free is just unbelievable! Think about it for a moment, these guys are playing in Vagas and still take time out to help us lot. what can I say but Thank you so much!
  4. I don't usually post to often on the public forum but to give credit where credit is due, here is a post I have just put in the premium members forum. If ever you were thinking of joining the premium members forum NOW would be the time. Guy's what can I say... Wow. Way2fast absolutely brilliant MC, as a student of the game these MC classes are worth there weight in gold. There is something for everyone both new & experienced players alike. Keith, Way2fast, Kevin & the guy's in the room a big thanks and keep up the good work.
  5. Hi Wendel. I think most player’s will agree with me but as with everything there are different opinions in what way to approach this method and then there is how YOU would play this method.( basically it is each to their own) That said what I meant “by a game within a game” is... This is not my main approach to my game I am playing a FTS method of all the main goto approaches S40, OTB4L,RD1,SS etc. Now whilst waiting for certain triggers if you track both PLAYER & BANKER separately for multi’s and singles you can find betting opportunities that fit in to sequences that you might miss when waiting for certain trigger points, which will enable you pick up some extra units you might otherwise of missed. Some patterns state the obvious as in this SS example Here you could make your 2 x loses back playing PLAYER 2's LC & 3's MC after the SS run. And with others you could find an extra betting opportunity as with this S40 example: 2 X loses @ #38 & #39 1 x extra Win @ #41 betting the BANKER stays a single, then back on to S40 @ #44 betting BANKER stays a single again or continuing S40. There are different approach’s or people use different triggers and also depends on what kind of progression you are using, in this example we have a mix of PLAYER sequences as in a 2,4,1 & 3iar which could force a 2 x loss in some betting systems. Or if you were not sure which system to play you could simply bet on the BANKER multi’s in the 1 goto 2’s In this last example: You can see that there is no 2’s in the shoe until play #58, so playing just PLAYER side from #33 you could cash in on 2’s LC & 3,’s MC until your first loss then switch to playing just BANKER side 1’s stay 1’s with the 4/1 ratio of singles v multi’s on that side for a few more units at plays #57,60 & 62. These are just a few examples as you can see there are many ways in which you can incorporate this into your game, depending on other factors such as skill, progressions, win & stop loss margins for both betting sequences and the shoe plus your own general approach of how you play your game! Side note... ( This is just an example of tracking and playing P & B sides separately for demonstration proposes AND not the overall best way of playing these shoes in the examples for instance we all should know how to tackle shoes with no 2's in them but that is not the point in these examples.)
  6. At the moment one of my favorite plays is multi's v singles for playing P & B as separates, I think it would be good to introduce any newbies to the concept if the are unaware of it. Obviously, Singles Multi's & What are they doing? Second Liners MC LC SS Weak side Not as a system but a game within a game,some thing that they should keep a look out for.
  7. If you took Wolfats trigger for playing AFTER a so called "wall" and also combined it with Oz's LC & MC method of attacking a "wall",I don't think the casino can build a wall we can't climb! So know we have two more methods of attacking "walls". (Don't forget RD1)
  8. We will have to change the thread name to "Worth a 100k". Newbies,Think about it! With that kind of mind set... Arn't you glad you joined the Premium members club.
  9. Never mind the dog turd! If you didn't know already know how to play that shoe, I advise you to copy & past that post and keep it somewhere safe on your hard drive and refer to it before you play every time! GOLDEN NUGGET!! Oh yeah then thank Oz...
  10. What has happened to the Betselection.cc forum Alrelax? I can't seem to find it.
  11. Hey allphar No such thing as an eye rolling question,we all had to start at the beginning! Your doing the right thing if your not sure just ask. Good luck.
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