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  1. Thank you Kevin, I would really like to have breakfast with you but Australia is a long way away. LOL. Kevin is a wealth of knowledge to our new and established players. That is a given. However, new players must not get into a ‘Groupthink’ mentality and just follow what the leader says. There are NO silly questions, so we must get out there if you are not confident of some aspect of the game and ASK. The forum has so many successful players - WHY. Because we all ask questions and we all contribute. Welcome to the forum, you are on your way to success. H
  2. Good story XDN, and one most of us can relate to. The casinos are always going to be there, and they are building more of them. The right 'Mindset' is a must when you are putting your hard earned on the table. It all could have gone well mate, or it could have hit the fan because you were thinking about other things. Good story XDN. H
  3. Thanks for your kind words Kevin. I am trying to get to LV in the next year or two depending on COVID etc (sounds like an excuse) and catch up with you guys. It was a good movie as well. H
  4. Hi Jerry, many members have asked the same question. With the advantages the BTC Suite will give you with programs like ORE, V87, 7D, your best and easiest solution is to buy a second hand Samsung or other Android phone. Many members have done this simple cure to the IOS problem. The cost of the phone is easily recovered through the use of the BTC Suite App. The longer you wait, the more profit you are letting slip by. With some people it can be 'self sabotage' in a psychological sense. If I don't have an Android phone, I can't download the BTCSuite App, so I won't have to use the App because I may lose money; because I don't want to lose money, and i don't know how to use the App. I'll wait until they release an 'ios' version. Problem solved. Cynical maybe, but 'self sabotage' happens a lot with many people, and not only in gambling. It's a safety mechanism IMO. H
  5. I do enjoy your posts barnrypip because you are so down to earth. The facts are the facts. If you are in the club, you can learn how to play Baccarat well, to the point where it can be a job if you put your mind to it. There is no other job where can work the hours you want, when you want, and get paid any amount you desire. We have ‘smart phones’, ‘smart TV’s’, ‘smart gadget’, that all cost you money. Betting ‘smart’ will make you money, and this is where the forum stands out from the rest. Of course the above is not easy; you have to want it. I love the yellow chips comments above, because it shows everyone that it can be done. Thanks for the post barneypip. H
  6. Make sure you keep up your BTC membership as so much has happened (for the good) in the last few years. Good to see your name again MVSeahog. H
  7. No truer words spoken Kevin. I am so happy and feel privileged to be a part of the BTC Forum. There is so much knowledge and experience within the membership group. The biggest plus is the willingness to share that knowledge and experience from the members themselves. All players have some knowledge and experience. Every players bet selection will win at sometime, in some game, in some casino, whether 'bricks and mortar' or online. On the other side of the coin, even the most experienced players will lose bets they would expect to win 9 out of 10 times. Keith has provided us with a forum where any individual can ask a question whether simple, or complicated, without the fear of embarrassment or ridicule, and be confident they will get a knowledgeable and evidence based reply based on experience and/or 'been there and done that'. In my experience, people who have a purpose will always listen to other people's experience, whether they agree or not at that time, then evaluate, plus validate to improve their own situation and method of play. So any discussion on the forum is helping so many other people in the background. I constantly review any information presented on the forum, to see if I can improve my own method of play, and have done so on a number of occasions. So yes Kevin WOW!! H
  8. Yes barneypip, don't you hate that situation, and I agree fully with you. The casino doesn't mind as it is another distraction. In a lot of cases, the person is there to say, 'Hey look at me..........' They don't sound like winners to me mate. H
  9. A good question to ponder. Blackjack has always been attractive to professional players and ‘team play’ due to the mathematical advantage afforded through card counting. In a 6 deck blackjack game there are 312 cards, and each card has a corresponding value. Small cards have a +ve value and large cards (pictures and 10’s) will have a minus or -ve value. 7, 8, 9’s are normally classed as neutral and have a value of zero. In play, you are looking for a higher +ve count, which indicate more small cards have come out in play, leaving more ‘high value cards’ in the deck, thus more opportunity to be dealt a hand of 20 for example. A half to 1 or more decks will be cut before play commences. You have to play every hand, so accurate card counting will provide you will opportunities to increase your bet and win. There are so many variables applied to serious team play ranging from altered card values to shuffle tracking, so as to identify where ‘high card value’ clumps are within the deck, and then bet accordingly. The single most important difference with blackjack and baccarat relates to ‘card value’. In blackjack the picture card has a value of 10 points, so 2 x 10’s will give you 20, which is in most all cases a winning hand. In ‘baccarat’ the picture card and 10’s have a value of zero. Card counting is not effective in baccarat IMO, although there are many books and theories that have a different opinion. Baccarat is normally played with 8 decks, another disadvantage to card counting in baccarat. Kevin has developed 4D/5D which IMO is the equivalent of ‘card counting’ (bias) in baccarat. Just as ‘card counting’ in blackjack is hard work to get back a low percentage profit, the same applies to 4D/5D. Kevin has stated on more than 1 occasion that the majority of people will not do the work. The casinos are only interested in ‘consistent’ winners. Thousands of ‘wanna be’ card counters lose all their money and more. 4D/5D players can follow down this track also if the work is not put in. BTC Suite 7D offers a fantastic tool to use with 4D/5D, and with practice be able to identify the biases that happen in 66% of shoes. As we know some shoes cannot be beaten by any type of system/method. XDN’s new labelling combined with the ‘hot’ bars will help identify possible biases quickly, so you will have more time for analysis and bet selection. Players being players of course, will start to look for short cuts and less work to do, so getting familiar with and understanding what 7D is telling us, will be important in our final bet selection. Aiming for 2-3 units with 7D looks to be a very attractive proposition. A book published (limited and controlled) many years ago called ‘Advanced Baccarat’ by John Cunningham, talked about ‘team play’ in baccarat. Members of the team would sit at different baccarat tables waiting for ‘certain plays’ to appear and then bet accordingly. The book contained 7 or 8 different strategies (plays) to bet on when they occurred. 7D will also identify different biases in a shoe at different times, so opportunities will occur, that could be taken advantage of. H
  10. You may not get many replies to your question. 5D/4D is more suited to the Stadium baccarat in the casinos where you have 25 seconds between hands. You may have to search for different online casinos. I do play 'JoeFortune' online, which is a six deck game with 20-25 seconds between hands. Plenty of time for me. One of the important points in Kevin's 5D manual was to be able to get up to casino speed with accuracy. I have practiced a lot and am easily able to mark down the 4D results in 5 seconds which leaves me ample time to analyse and work out the next bet. You need to be able to do the 4D mechanics before you think about 5D. A recent thread is reviewing 4D/5D with Jimmy Baccarat and the numbers approach. A lot of practice needed, but can be done efficiently, especially when you add in the Wolfat factor of capping the scores at-3/+3. Suggestions:- 1. Focus on 4D only and do 50 practice shoes. Your speed will improve drastically. 2. Use the 'stick men' as Kevin suggests. 3. Look at the 2 disparities in front and if they point to the same bet, then make that bet. 4. Keep records of your hit rate. If you play consistently your speed will improve further. For the 5D aspect, practice trying to read the shoe, e.g. if the shoe is choppy concentrate on opposites O/R and O3/T3. If it's a run shoe, concentrate on repeats O/R and OT/TBL columns, at least as a rough guide. Hope this helps. H
  11. That is going to extremes to lock away a profit for the year mate. Hope you are feeling better soon and all the best to you for Xmas and the New Year. H
  12. Interesting concept and works very well with shoes with consistent runs of 4 iar or more. Plenty of profit can be made if this is the case. SS shoes will also be profitable if hit or identified early. However, if we get 2's or 3's appearing regularly or clumping together, the trouble starts, and units can be lost very quickly. So the culprit is 2's, but 3's aren't much better. If the 2's come early in the shoe there will be trouble. Of course using a stop loss may help here. Try a few completed shoes after watching the video. H
  13. A good video that involves a bet selection using the main road and (optionally) the bead road. I found the last 10 minutes of the video very useful in how to use the 'main road' ONLY for bet selection. This is explained well with a demonstration also. This seemed to be very similar to the old NOR (OTBL), but with a stop loss applied for when to stop betting and wait. The culprit here being a 4iar repeat. The money management involving Fibonacci betting is certainly not for everyone. A simpler and effective MM system would be an avantage for this system. H
  14. Staying within those 3 lines (87%) is a great strategy and is what was focused on in the 1st video. SS (strong side) is also a great strategy if not the best IMO, as you are betting with the winning side. This of course may continue throughout the shoe on 1 side, or the SS may change from one side to the other during the shoe. These SS changes during the shoe are what can give the mechanical player real headaches. Experience and discussions like these from experienced players on the forum will enable you to identify these situations more clearly as your play progresses. The second video focuses on some of these SS opportunities through identifying sections of the shoe, and applying some of his maths theories. Video 1 describes his approach to bet selection, and to the 87% solution, and appears to be effective. The second video may be for the more advanced player IMO. The player has to determine himself whether he is happy with the bet selection method or does he need to customise it further to his own research and experience. This is how discussions on forums and hard work can develop a player from 50% to 55-60% hit rate IMO. H
  15. I have had good success with flat betting so far on a limited number of shoes looking for 5 units. This is pushing it for me as I am usually extremley happy with 2 units. However as with you Natural I do like the theory behind it. I have also been looking at the 1, 1.5, 2 loop which also seems to work ok. GR8 progression mentioned by Wolfat could be another MM opportunity. The streaky shoes indicate they could be a problem, however his follow up video tackles this situation well. An example being: If you have a run of 4 or 5 bankers followed by a single player, a single Banker, a double player, a single Banker, a double player, then 3 bankers iar, then Banker is still the play, (especially if Banker is the SS), as player has only come to 2 and not negated the previous Banker 4, as a 2 iar is a positive and a negative in counting terms. (The old O/R count). A 3 iar player would have negated the Banker steak of 4. If of course, a streak of 4 followed by another streak of 5 on the opposite side followed by another steak of 5 will be a concern, and so patience may be needed until the streaks subside. The follow up video is a good watch. Hopefully some food for thought there Natural. H
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