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  1. Hello Keith, Good comment as always mate. IMO studying and playing MDB(way2fast rules) is a great asset to your baccarat game. It alerts you to the frequency of events in the game, and you just automatically think twice before betting in a lot of situations. In fact I think way2fast commented that his game improved markedly after playing MDB so long just through the subconscious recognition of these frequency of events. Your example Keith a good one, however the 3 & 4s triggers of MDB will earn you a lot more money IMO. IMO the study and application of MDB is a must for any newbie, and everything he requires (way2fast rules, and excellent discussions and strategy) are in the members section for everyone to see and use. MDB can be boring to play at times, but making money is never boring IMO. MDB makes plenty of money. H
  2. No magic formula. Choppy shoes will have more 1’s and so 1’s maybe MC. A run or 2LNR shoe will have less 1’s and so 1’s maybe LC. A mechanical LC/MC or any other strategy can be a costly (money) way to play. When you join the Premium members forum there will be a lot more opportunity to discuss these types of topics with many professional players who ‘have been there and done that’. Good luck to you.
  3. Something to think about. Will ‘1’ stay ‘1’ or will it go to ‘2’. This is probably the most important question in the game of Baccarat. If you can answer this question then you will have unlimited success. My goal for 2018 is to get as far past 50% success rate as I can for this seemingly simple question. The only way you can potentially achieve this is through discussions between successful players on the Premium members discussion groups on BTC. Will ‘1’ stay ‘1’ or will it go to ‘2’.
  4. Thanks for this CT70, I have been trying to convince the people I play with that this is the case, ‘the cards are fixed’, only to be seen as superstitious or paranoid. The cards have codes embroidered on them, the shoe reads the cards and displays the result on a tote board. The 2 points above enable any computer to arrange those cards in any order; an example may be preshuffled cards from ‘Angel’ or any other card prep organisation. Special packs for special situations/occasions/players, the casino opportunities are endless. With Stadium Baccarat the shuffle machines will have pre designed ‘algorithms’ to keep the excitement going. However there are only (one would hope) 416 cards in a fixed shoe for an hour or so, until the next shoe, and all this preshuffling can also work in our favour, as stated by CT70 above; as once a ‘bias’ is noted, a BTC professional can jump into ‘party mode’. All sounds a bit paranoid, but IMO the game has changed as is continually changing (being manipulated) structurally. The way to stay on top is with BTC and in particular, this forum.
  5. Yep, such a shame. Baccarat is such a great game, far more than just B or P or 50/50 as the pundits say. Baccarat is a mental game by far. It will push the normal person to the limit. I see this every day as gamblers throw money after money away. There is no respect for the game with a lot of people, and it will bite them badly. The goal is ultimately to beat this game, and the human brain is said to be so much more sophisticated than any mechanical computer could ever hope to be. So what has happened to this 160 IQ? To me this ongoing debacle is so sad. Ego on its own is ok. Greed on its own is acceptable. We all want the best for us and our family and friends. Ego + Greed is such a deadly combination. 160 should know better. IMO. H
  6. A great recent book to read is ‘Ego is the Enemy’ by Ryan Holiday. This will explain what can happen to an ‘160’ IQ. This book will do wonders for your Baccarat play. IMO H
  7. Follow up note. When I say less than 1/2% players win, I mean in the long term. Anybody can be lucky in the short term.
  8. Understand what you are saying Kino. I’m only a new member and this is a learning process. Think of the 4-5 guys writing a Baccarat syllabus for High School. There has to be a lot of experience and knowledge to do that. We work our way through the syllabus to develop our expertise by developing our own plan and then following it from what we have learned. Discipline. I see BTC as a school where most students will graduate (win) if they follow the syllabus. In any form of education the syllabus changes to reflect what is happening now. Outside of school less than 1/2% of Baccarat players will win, and I am cofident that is a fact. Since joing BTC (March), I have become a consistent winner over time (3-4 Units per session). I like so many players like to win, and keep it to ourselves. We know we are winners. I read everything those 4-5 players say many times over and put what works for me into my own plan and then try to stick to it. (The hardest part.) I am not a school teacher and is not supposed to sound like a lecture. Stick with BTC and WIN.
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