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  1. Interesting concept and works very well with shoes with consistent runs of 4 iar or more. Plenty of profit can be made if this is the case. SS shoes will also be profitable if hit or identified early. However, if we get 2's or 3's appearing regularly or clumping together, the trouble starts, and units can be lost very quickly. So the culprit is 2's, but 3's aren't much better. If the 2's come early in the shoe there will be trouble. Of course using a stop loss may help here. Try a few completed shoes after watching the video. H
  2. A good video that involves a bet selection using the main road and (optionally) the bead road. I found the last 10 minutes of the video very useful in how to use the 'main road' ONLY for bet selection. This is explained well with a demonstration also. This seemed to be very similar to the old NOR (OTBL), but with a stop loss applied for when to stop betting and wait. The culprit here being a 4iar repeat. The money management involving Fibonacci betting is certainly not for everyone. A simpler and effective MM system would be an avantage for this system. H
  3. Staying within those 3 lines (87%) is a great strategy and is what was focused on in the 1st video. SS (strong side) is also a great strategy if not the best IMO, as you are betting with the winning side. This of course may continue throughout the shoe on 1 side, or the SS may change from one side to the other during the shoe. These SS changes during the shoe are what can give the mechanical player real headaches. Experience and discussions like these from experienced players on the forum will enable you to identify these situations more clearly as your play progresses. The second video focuses on some of these SS opportunities through identifying sections of the shoe, and applying some of his maths theories. Video 1 describes his approach to bet selection, and to the 87% solution, and appears to be effective. The second video may be for the more advanced player IMO. The player has to determine himself whether he is happy with the bet selection method or does he need to customise it further to his own research and experience. This is how discussions on forums and hard work can develop a player from 50% to 55-60% hit rate IMO. H
  4. I have had good success with flat betting so far on a limited number of shoes looking for 5 units. This is pushing it for me as I am usually extremley happy with 2 units. However as with you Natural I do like the theory behind it. I have also been looking at the 1, 1.5, 2 loop which also seems to work ok. GR8 progression mentioned by Wolfat could be another MM opportunity. The streaky shoes indicate they could be a problem, however his follow up video tackles this situation well. An example being: If you have a run of 4 or 5 bankers followed by a single player, a single Banker, a double player, a single Banker, a double player, then 3 bankers iar, then Banker is still the play, (especially if Banker is the SS), as player has only come to 2 and not negated the previous Banker 4, as a 2 iar is a positive and a negative in counting terms. (The old O/R count). A 3 iar player would have negated the Banker steak of 4. If of course, a streak of 4 followed by another streak of 5 on the opposite side followed by another steak of 5 will be a concern, and so patience may be needed until the streaks subside. The follow up video is a good watch. Hopefully some food for thought there Natural. H
  5. This video focuses on the 87% rule. Where have we heard about that before. Thanks Kevin. The video does focus on the first three lines, and how you will never have to bet on the 4th line or further down. The video will teach you how to determine which side to bet on and when. Of course a better understanding of the 87% rule can be gained from viewing numerous videos and comments from Kevin on the BTC premium members site. H
  6. The bet selection seems to be good and consistent if done right. Can be a little tricky until you get on top of it. Make your own ‘bead card’ on your paper without the ties, and you can track all from there. A lot of people won’t do it, as with Kevin’s 5D, as it is a lot of hard work initially. The video is 1 hr 50min, but is well worth watching a few times IMO. H
  7. Apologies GR8 if I have miss quoted here. I think I was referring to GB09 comments. Getting old. H
  8. IMO seems to be a consistent bet selection and profit if you take the presenter’s advice and stop after getting 3 units, or change shoes after losing 3 units. The culprit here seems to be 2 holes. You can lose a number of units quickly here. GR8 has commented previously about 2 singles iar. (2hole). e.g. BBPBPP…… very common situation. 1 hole is a great shoe, but 2 hole shoes can be testing; a trap with 2nd liners. Overall worth a look at IMO. H
  9. Good question Kevin. 'What do I do when it's NOT? (50/50). I like a quote from 'Mindset for Baccarat' here. ' When you are playing for the long term, you are satisfied with making the plays that will make you a long term winner regardless of your short term results.' When you have this mindset and skills (that's what you learn and develop at BTC - skills) then VARIANCE is the culprit. 'Mindset for Baccarat' also suggests that 'Variance provides an excellent way to identify the specific motivational or other mental problems affecting your game. The pressure that Variance puts on your game brings problems to light and tells you what to be working on.' These extracts are from 'Mindset for Baccarat' book written by Wolfat, and are available free, to read on the BTC Premium Members site. IMO every Baccarat player should read this book and apply some of the principles within. H
  10. Thanks Wolfat for the very interesting videos on probability focusing on the next hand after certain sequences. The player and Banker 5iar seem to stick out as the ones to watch with a good chance to pick up an extra unit. The other one was BBPPBB. The BBPPB.. or PPBBP.. can be such a frustrating next bet a lot of the time, where the next bet jumps and ruins your 2nd line sequence. However the BBPPBB looks the better option to look for. H
  11. Interesting concept here and will need to look at it further. In blackjack hands of 18 or 19 are in a lot of cases, losing hands to the ever consistent hand of 20. In baccarat of course 19 (9) is always a winner or tie (never a loser), where as 18 (8) usually wins, but can be beaten by a natural 9 result. Similar principles can apply to both. In blackjack when the count is up there can be many 10's (high cards) around, so your chance of getting 18, 19, or 20 increases. In baccarat the same situation can arise, and hence more 7, 8's, and 9's which are normally winning hands in baccarat. So a hand following a natural could be a reasonable bet. Of course the question is which side? Also would be interesting to see how 10/9 and 10/8 naturals compare to 6/3, 7/2, 5/4 etc naturals. Another interesting aspect is if you look at results of 7/6, 8/7, 9/8, it is interesting to note how many of these results jump the next hand. H
  12. My pleasure mate. The comments from way2fast were always professional and backed by experience and results. Way2fast did a video on the 'Masterclass Series' a few years ago on BTC. Wolfat and others also did 'Masterclass Series' videos on BTC. They were all an insight in how a master baccarat player thinks and plays. Priceless. H
  13. If you can notice the mistake above you should have no trouble focusing. We tend to focus on what we want to see and not on what is actually there. Sounds like a baccarat game.
  14. You have always been a good teacher Kevin because the passion is there, and more importantly the passion is there to help others. You can't get much better than that. 'Focus' is an interesting word. Have you ever noticed that 4 letter words have very intense meanings, such as love, hate, good etc. Back to FOCUS. Most people focus on winning - that's good and nothing wrong with that, as that's why I'm playing this game. However with players whether new or seasoned, this turns very quickly into a different focus - SHORT TERM RESULTS. If these are positive then all is good, but once that other '4 letter word hits the fan' and the results turn negative through variance, then that self belief and self confidence can fall apart quickly. In the book 'Mindset for Baccarat' Chapter 8 by Wolfat (available for free to read on the members forum) the discussion centres around 'stable confidence' quoting here: '........ When confidence is completely tired to results, there is no way to avoid riding the confidence roller-coaster. The best way to stop these emotional swings and develop 'stable confidence' is by learning a set of skills and resolving the underlying flaws in your confidence.' Flaws may be considered to be areas such as Anxiety, Fear, Greed etc. If you can apply the principles outlined in this small book, combined with a skill set of which there are many at BTC, then you will start to see how intense that 4 letter word 'FOCUS' can be. Believing in yourself as Kevin mentioned will rise to a different level. H
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