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  1. I have been flat betting for the past 3 years using a 1-2 loop ONLY after being up 4 units or more. My stop loss is 4 units per shoe NO EXCEPTIONS. However my hit rate is not over 50% on a consistent shoe to shoe basis, but I am not chasing my losses in the shoes if I lose 4 units in a shoe. If I lose 2 shoes in a day of playing the worst case scenario would be a STOP LOSS of 8 units per session. This will protect my bankroll from a big loss in a session of multiple shoes played that day at the casinos.
  2. Look in the premium forum on the top of page one, this is where you can watch all of the master classes. The header is FAQ for new members basics, download links, videos, and master classes links.
  3. Don, the 1-2 Loop is bet 1 unit until you win a bet, and bet 2 units on your next bet OR start betting 1 unit WIN or LOSE bet 2 units on your next bet if you want to be more aggressive.
  4. The public forum will be eliminated from BTC in the very near future. If you want answers to your baccarat question, my suggestion is to join the Premium forum.
  5. Hello Everyone,

    …joined the club last month … just got in late last night (Wednesday) and thought it would be great to connect with some of the seasoned members. I’m staying at the Luxor Towers, have a car and if any would like to get together for a drink and conversation before the seminar send me a message and will figure something out.  apk

  6. If I have offended anyone, I would like to apologize over these comments. I was just commenting on your observation over your posting on playing baccarat.
  7. Wolfat, I believe there is a lot of valid points in your posting concerning how Norm played. This is correct in the way that I have always approached playing baccarat ONLY looking for the count to move away from 0 instead of looking at the count moving in both directions. I will begin to look at watching to see if the count hovers over 0 or is moving away from 0. This is a very good topic to understand more about how Norm approached his time playing baccarat. Thanks for your input and hopefully this will help everyone become a better player.
  8. Keith how does Eventbrite work? I have registered for Oz Master Class, just not sure how this works. I entered my E mail address but I am not sure of my password.
  9. Located under the Our Picks and Clubs banner on the top of every page of Beat the Casino.
  10. The legacy forum is now part of the Premium forum. If you want access to the legacy forum, you will have to pay a monthly fee. There is no FREE LUNCH any more, if you want to become a winning player please join the Premium Forum.
  11. Rious you can to use Strategic Baccarat Shoe Interface works just like Stats for Profits. I use this several times a week for practicing purposes.
  12. Keith can I have a copy of the CHEAT SHEET or let me know where I can find the CHEAT SHEET on the forum. Great video and very informative on Strategic Baccarat.
  13. There is thousands of shoes on Stats for Profits for practice.
  14. We also have Stats for Profits, no need for any software.
  15. You can send a check or money to Keith home address which is listed on the subscription form.
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