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Cruiseship Casino Calamity

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I was on a Holland America cruise last month.  No baccarat on board so I decided to play some roulette for fun.  The green spaces seemed to be getting hit an awful lot, so I looked more closely at the wheel, and saw THREE green slots on there!  0,  00,  and the cruise line's logo on the 3rd green space.  Holy Crow!  The odds  are bad enough with 2 green slots, let alone 3!  I left the live table and played the roulette machines instead.  "ONLY" two zeros on those.  Beware! 

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Last time I looked most of the tables inside of the mirage were ( Triple Zero )

Dont play roulette, but think casino advantage rises significantly vs. Double Zero…

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Adding a triple zero to a roulette wheel further increases the house edge. In a standard American roulette wheel, there are 38 pockets (numbers 1-36, plus 0 and 00). With a third green space (the triple zero), the wheel would have 39 pockets.

To calculate the house edge for a triple zero roulette wheel, we can take the example of an even money bet, like betting on red or black. In this case, there are 18 ways to win (18 red numbers or 18 black numbers) and 21 ways to lose (18 numbers of the opposite color and the 3 green spaces: 0, 00, and the cruise line's logo).

The probability of winning an even money bet on a triple zero wheel would be 18/39, while the probability of losing would be 21/39. The house edge can be calculated as:

House edge = (Amount won by the casino - Amount won by the player) / Initial bet

Since the player would either win 1 unit or lose 1 unit on an even money bet, we can calculate the house edge as follows:

House edge = ((21/39 * 1) - (18/39 * 1)) / 1 = 3/39 ≈ 7.69%

So, in the case of a triple zero roulette wheel, the house edge would be approximately 7.69%, significantly higher than both European roulette (2.7%) and American roulette (5.26%).

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You can tell the winners and honest players by how many times they admit they lost 
not by how many times they say they won.

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