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  1. You have zero evidence, knowledge or actual anything as to whom I am, once again, but I guess you live on assumptions. Glad you are not a judge in any court! Absolutely zero evidence or real facrs.
  2. Honestly imo, sure appears you are mighty iron fisted and limited in your welcoming or even desiring new members here. But in reality that guy you have the beef with that started this thread evidently has a link between yourself and a large indebted gambler that most likely will be prosecuted from my understanding, just like Paddock that the fbi said last night, no one will come forward as no one wants their name associated with a person like Paddock forever. So clearly evident I and I guess yourself would not desire our names associated with a gambler that not only failed and preached advantaged gambling but now lost everything and facing criminal charges, so I understand now why you have to 'squash' alrelax or glen. There is a purpose and underlying reason for writing things and you are not excluded. I do believe your thoughts are self serving but that is certainly your right.
  3. Really LOL, u have no real factual idea whom I am. Keep perpetrating your hunhces. Sorry bunch of small grouped up expert gamblers that chase perspective members away, imo. Think about it.
  4. How is your idol Andrew aka mister BAC whiz doing?? I have claim emphasiz, lol!
  5. Totally, lol! Judge, jury and investigators in one, go to l,v. And assist law enforcement. You do not know me at all. Maybe Jordan knows me at the L,D.??!! Lol, and just might be there, show your face and let me have a laugh too.
  6. I read, rarely respond. You assume and you accuse. Does not much matter. Fact is, I never said one thing bad about y'all. I am not anyone else or an alias for what its worth. Fact is, his stuff has content of actual play to it and more than theory and thought. His defination and explanation of defining a shoes sections is so accurate for example as compared to stop loss and wagering after such an author a double event, which is all so generic and useless, just one example to present as to static referred to. But you guys are on a mission to discredit and present your unwillingness to accept certain people, Doesn't matter me but it is so obvious, Ok that is all on the subject because it is clear you are upset and aggravated by the person. Just have done something to actually hurt you or your family, we can stop here.
  7. I must say that after reading the strong and quite negative statements against the member that wanted his posts deleted, I went on the forum he writes extensively on and read most of his blog and other items. I have to say that he explains in detail more than most others by far and makes more sense with actual ideas and experiences I actually can use,
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