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  1. dear kachatz,

    How to determine the strong side in 4D?

    Kevin says if disparity is 3 or above that indicates the strong side

    but how to look for the strong side. iam confuse. pls help

  2. It has been a few days at spore. When first time i entered rws, wow so yellow, bright. To enter must show passport. Genting no need. But here they serve softdrinks, candy. Nice. I have met some btc asia. 5 so far. We played together sometimes. Although we dont use the same system, i respect them. Doesnt matter as long can win. It is so fun playing together, laugh together. Sometimes if noone bet, i put 25 on banker and 25 on player. But when banker wins on 6. I was like, oh sh***t. Damn. Now, iam teaching 1 person. First day only plus 50 sgd coz we played only 4 shoes. The 2nd day, i taught about rally thing. We play flat betting using 50. Won 10 units. So won 500 sgd. I said, lets attack using house money. Increase to 75, won 10 units. So won 1250 sgd total. After dat, we went outside. I taught about proper mm. Lock the 1k. Play with 250. 25 units per hand. Lose go home, win let it ride. Fortunately we lose the 250. Doesnt matter. The incredible thing, we use flat betting. Never put 2 units. Who says play flat cant win thousands? This is the 3rd day for me and my student. Wish me luck. To all bros here, win win win
  3. Who said i play sap? I said i fill in sap 1 n 2 but not playing them. I dont play mc or lc. Its not really card counting but i prefer to call it card counting. Sounds cool.
  4. I sell my system bcoz many ppl requested to know how i play. I dont need to teach ppl exactly coz i already said that iam a player typical not teacher. U still havent answer the challenge. i believe it is an easy challenge coz u have 30 years experience right??? And your iIQ is high too.
  5. Hello bigvic, I used to play nor but not anymore, it doesnt work at asia. Here at genting, they burn 1 card and mostly mixed shoes. I play my own system. Core ultimate. I use pj score sheet. I only fill sap 1 n 2. And add card counting too. It outperforms nor as nor only works on bias shoe.
  6. Guys, Wanna see the real battle??? Me versus ellis. Student vs teacher. Unexperience newbie vs 30 years top guy. Core ultimate vs nor. Come on ellis, come here, i will provide you the room. What do u say?? All btc members may see our duel. I think PJ will love to see our duel.
  7. That is very funny ellis First of all, i have been playing almost 5 years. Yes i did use martingale and ofcourse 1234 as u directed. But in the long run, as i told u before, any progression will die in the long run. You always say u put ur mouth where the money is. Then why not come to asia? I believe many btc asia want to see u live play. Ur experience is more than me, dat doesnt mean that u play better than me. U come lah. Cant afford the ticket or afraid to lose??? Here, they dont have ur record, so no need to bet 25 per unit to stay under the radar. You may bet thousands per units. Is dat wonderfull?? Especially nor is the best system in the world right??
  8. R u saying dat iam a novice? I stay everyday at casino and doesnt have any job Progression is okk if you can predict the future. How do u know if the card is good??? If bad, retreat right?? Let me ask you, out from 20 shoes, how many shoes are good?? Go to here ellis. I want to see u play. U may use any progression. Let`s see if you can survive here. Or if you dont want to, you may send your best student here. We can do the battle. Progression vs flat. I already challenged 2 ppl from bf. Bolasutra n fauzy. Both of them shut their mouth. If you can defeat asia with ur nor, i will gladly to pay for ur ticket. The reason i use flat betting is coz it works perfect on my system. My hit rate is so high. I created a system dat works for mixed shoes n good shoes. If flat betting can win most of the shoes i play everysingle day, why hassle to use progression???
  9. Thx 4 coming guys. Remember what i told u. Any kind, type, model of negative progression, 121, 1212, 1234, 1248 will die in the long run. Flat betting is the best. Play bac like play forex or stocks. Flat. U saw by your own eyes if i use martingale, i die. If flat betting, always come ahead. I showed u dat i played 20 minimum can get thousands daily. If you count, dat is more than 50 units. By flat betting, dat is impossible. By i collect ammo first by playing 20, then increase step by step so dats why can win thousand. Collect ammo then attack. If you play progression when you lose, you may up if the shoes are good, if not, the casino will collect its ammo from u. Dont forget that casino doesnt fear if you double ur units if you lose. They will say, good, go ahead. Beware. So if we play flat betting, we are playing with hit rate. See u again next time guys. Burn the table
  10. thx witchygal. today they are leaving. we have lots of fun here
  11. Today is so excited. Have 2 guests from btc spore. Welcome aboard
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