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  1. Please keep in mind that I have been playing the same way since December of last year. I made updates to it twice. All the others were just little tweeks here and there. Once I think In March or April, and the other I think in June/July? Since then, that is the only way I have been playing, and it has been the most consistent thing I have ever seen. Is it the best? I don't know. for me, it has proven itself over and over again as the most simple practical way to win. Others players right here still only play with as their primary method of play.
  2. Again, I'm bias. I think Maverick is. Its only two systems. Each has only 2 rules each. Each only loses to 1 thing each. Each loves what the other one hates. Maverick Ultimate is even easier. But as you can see, it can't get much simpler than that. Even if you played it 100% mechanical as people have done in the Maverick Mechanical thread, I believe the percentage was in the mid-70's. Now of course there are little tweeks you can do here and there that make it a whole lot better which can be found in the updated Maverick and Maverick Ultimate. However, the foundation is so strong that it h
  3. Hello, I haven't really posted here in a long time because I have since decided to just stick to Maverick and Maverick Ultimate the way I designed it and prefer to play. This does not mean its better, or worse, just simply my preference. I personally do not play System 40 exclusively, nor do I believe it is done flat betting. Having said that, you are in a good place. System 40 Advanced is now being touted here as the only baccarat system you will need. It is made up of 3 modes. RD-1, F2, and System 40. All of which can be found in the private section. Maverick is simply RD-Hybrid and F2, with
  4. What a Maverick Day! Two sessions. One before the concert, and one after. Maverick Ultimate this time since I was playing in High Limit with the celebrities. Rascal Flatts concert was awesome. Great seats, in the center, 11th row. Later in High Limit. I was the smallest better on the table, but it was fun! Michael Jordan - he is up $650,000! He can play up to $50k per hand! Charles Barkley - He was down $250,000 but making a come back. Average bet is $5k - 10K Dan Quayle was here. Too funny! That tall baldguy from the TV show 'Office" was here, Mike Shannahan, John Elway, Ray Allen from the
  5. Another shoe with Maverick played just 3Hi. +10 Net I should have played the regular U1D2M2. Sometimes a too conservative progression hurts you rather than helps you. Dag nabbit... I should have played Maverick Ultimate, I would have made even more. I just wanted to see if it was possible for Maverick to win 3 shoes in-a-row using a really conservative progresseion. Yup, it sure was. I made $1,000 in 2 hours, got a free dinner, free room, free tickets to concert, free access to the golf tournanment, got to see and play along with Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Ray Allen and some other guys
  6. Okay Master Ellis - looking forward to it. Ellis has just said that he is working on a New Final Manual. So, personally I will wait for that to come out before I try any attempt to play that way. In the mean time, I will continue to play my Maverick and Maverick Ultimate which are both consistently pumping out on average +20 units for me. MaverickUltimateMark@gmail.com
  7. Ellis, I’m sorry if you feel I’m busting on you, and we are all sorry that you have these medical issues with you and your last two family members who are deathly ill. Maybe I over-reacted to your posts on the “Bet-Phoenix-Cutting it short” as well as the “Maverick” thread because I interpreted them as you saying instead of Maverick, we should go back to switching between multiple systems, and the way you wrote it, I sure felt that it seemed as you were busting on me. So I felt after all I have done to support you and your forum, posting to help you get more members to increase your bank acc
  8. Not too much fun is it when you get criticized? How do I say this without sounding like an ass-hole? I don't think there is a way, so I'll just be blunt and truthful as always. ACCOUNTABILITY. Thats all anyone here ever wanted. For you to be accountable for what was promised. For you to actually follow through when you say you will do something. Not a half-ass job that keeps everyone waiting. You said you would give it a shot. Thus far, the posts I have seen only asks the your other paying customers to help you, or do the work for you. You have like what, 20+ different systems on here
  9. wow, amazing. I don't know how you do that? I thought you were still playing NU-SAP? Are you mostly in OTB4L mode? and or incorporating SAP on quite a few of the plays, because with the AD part isn't it just so random isn't it? I mean there is no identifiable winning or losing situation/pattern correct? Every time I played it, or anyone like the average person play, the results were sporadic to say the least. But then again, I also know that you are definitely not just the average player. You are one of the best in the world
  10. From: E. Clifton Davis That is all VERY EXCELLENT advice Mark. But how many can remember all that during the heat of casino play? I'm thinking we can use a SAP chart to simplify and automate a lot of that. One other thing, you mentioned that if all your SAP numbers tie, don't bet. That was a good idea when playing SAP but here is something I've noticed. In a dead neutral shoe, OTB4L is quite strong. Remember? I called that "overlap". I think Ellis finallly sees how it hard it would be. He is so smart that, doing all of that is so easy for him, that I figure its hard for him to relate to how
  11. Ummm, but I don't think that there is anyone smart enough here to figure that out. I know I'm not. That is why we signed up here on the forum, so we could get the answer from you masters. Do you think you could take some time to hammer it out, as it seems you said we are so close?
  12. Wait, but that would mean after every play, (not losses) you are saying to consult SAP chart to look at what to switch to. Not clear how you would continue to play any system as a base and then changing using the SAP chart,because it seems you will always be betting based on the chart. Maybe I'm just too slow to catch on I guess. Because if you are looking at the SAP chart after every decision (not loss) you should be swtiching systems or bets based on what just happened and how it affects or relates to the SAP chart. So its either: Option A Always bet that whatever is the Most Common will st
  13. No big daddy, Maverick has not changed. Until there is something obviously better I wouldn't change. Thats the problem everyone came into before here. Always switching to whatever new system popped up, and always adding rules to something just so it beats one particular shoe. All I'm saying is ideas are great, but we need practical approaches. I'm all ears if there is anything new or better along those lines. If there is a way to apply the SAP chart on a more practical level with Maverick, that can win consistently AND is duplicateble so it can be played by the average player, then that w
  14. It has already been done. I did it. Its in your email as well as a cheat sheet, kachatz. Thanks for being a Maverick player. I'll be around to help you in your continued success. "Maverick"- Mark MaverickUltimateMark@gmail.com SkypeName: MaverickUltimateMark
  15. Okay, great idea. That was a good example for that specific situation. But again, thats assuming now that the 3s may not be LC. What are we supposed to bet next if that is our assumption? I am not saying to always wait for for 4 losses. I think you are taking one post I made under the Maverick thread and singling it out, where I was simply trying to make Maverick more 'mechanical' for newer players. Maybe that was a mistake. The original Maverick with its Evaluation Process which I have again emphasized in that thread, has us looking back every running 7 plays looking out for any trend c
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