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Stadium baccarat in Vegas

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Have you tried Palace Station ( 4 live games) or Gold Coast (2 live games before noon…4 games by around12:30 pm ) Stadium?

    - Hawaii bacc.  -  not  sure how you are looking-at  trade off for “ just winning” , versus points , and thinking that is a personal matter…

To some. Points important towards comps…to others, ‘ best chance’ to win money provides best alternative..

My thinking like this: 

-If you are ‘ resigned you can’t win’ ( ? ) anyways, and just looking at ‘ entertainment value’,  , May as well play for points/comps.

-If you are evaluating which casino gives you the ‘ best chance to win more $$ ‘ , best to try all 3 casinos so you can make best decision for yourself.


No matter which you decide, Up to you…( AT LEAST TRY ALL 3  casinos! ) 


                          -   How do you play Stadium? Be interested in your answer…




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thanks, Kevin for responding, since coming from Hawaii, I'm looking for some free rooms.  I usually stay 3 to 4 nights a trip at the Orleans Hotel.  They have stadium baccarat but don't give any points for your play.
I play mostly the "no mirror" or go against the "2's or 3's. it's whatever the board is showing the most.

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