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Continuous shuffle machines

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Does NBJ work with continuous shuffling machines? How could you play 8 decks games against a shuffler? If I don't see a shoe game that I would like to play, there are always several 8 deck games with shufflers? Are these games an option? Will the same clumping be present in these games also?

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Guest CarlosM

I play against any machine, any hand shuflled games with 8 decks, 6, 5, 4, 2, 1 deck. It doesn't matter to me. Just watch the game and see if the cards are random or close to it or are they clumped or too clumped. At the same time along with that watch the current first base and third base player. See who is doing better. Then pick your seat. Also while watching, see if there is too strong a dealer bias or not. Shuffle machine or not makes no difference. You might notice that hand shuffle and machines are a bit different in game type or clump degree or not! Just watch any game, any casino in the world, any machine, any everything. As you get more experienced rather than go to a casino and watch to see what type of game it is and waht seat to play, you will know at certain days, months, seasons, times of day, will it be a third base or first base game. You get there already knowing what you are looking for and already know what position you will play. But, we still watch to see before we enter. What if we enter in a brand new shoe after the wash. Now we have no history prior. Then, you learn what days, months, seasons do they go for random or box card order clumping. You will know this also when watching the wash. A very thorough wash where more individual cards get mixed and not in batches and you see green felt. This will produce near random cards for third base play. If they do a poor wash, moving clumps of 10-20 cards or more at a time and you see no green felt, they are going for clumped cards. Also watch in that game with the second wash for sequential card order. Like a 6 falls, then an 8, 9. The random wash they use their finger tips to mix well. The clumping wash they use no firnger tips, just palms to not break up the cards to not mix them, to try to keep them the same as when layed down, box order.

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