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Before and After the Hole

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We emphasize looking at the cards the cards before the hole. Why? Because there are always cards before the hole, and sometimes there are no cards after to help us make our card play decisions.

I like to see cards after the hole. If tens are following tens, then it follows that tens are preceding tens in equal proportion, so the cards after the hole (if there are any) are just as important for our hole card read.

When there are cards before the hole that read one way, and cards after the hole that read another way, it's a problem. That's when I think to myself about how often the dealer has been breaking and hit accordingly.

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This evening I witnessed some unreadable shoes. I am not experience enough to classify them. In my mind I kept on saying "Dirty clumps" or "Dealer bias". For example, last card before the hole was a 10, first card that came out was also a 10. Dealer had a 10 up, there were enough (not overly) 10s on the table, we would presume that the hold card was a 10, but it was not. It was a 2. Dealer hit but didn't break.

One other round the last card was a 6, the first card that came out was a 3. Dealer had a 10 up. There wasn't much 10s on the table. Players had to hit, some busted. In any case, the hole was a lone 10 !!

In one insurance round, the last card was a 10, it was the first 10 after 3 small cards, so wouldn't you think the dealer get the 10 ? No, it was a small card as well.

I was glad I wasn't playing. I was only sitting on the chair of the 3rd base watching because I knew the player who was playing 2 spots. I tried to imagine with playing NBJ would it make any difference. The answer is no. It was just so dealer bias, its no matter what you do, you still can't win. For example, 3rd base has 10,6 vs. dealer 10 up. Read: dealer hand is weak (small in the hole) because the first card that came out was small. We won't hit as high cards start running. Then dealer turned over a 3, hit a 7 and made 20 ! These types of round went on and on. Did that player (whom I knew) lose ? Yes, in big time.:cool:

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If it was a low stakes game and you want to **** around this works

Put a guy in the middle of the table and have them play straight dealer strategy for minimum bets for a few shoes. One he will play close to even and two the dealer bias will go away. Try it it works


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