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Still practicing and practicing

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I am still practicing and reviewing NBJ and WCB manuals and tapes was you suggested. On two short casino trips, I went early in the morning (Sat and Sun) to avoid crowded tables and playing conditions, but found few table open and those that were open did not have openings at first or third base. I waited about 45 minutes for a new table to open and asked the dealer to put a marker on third base for me, but before it opened, all 7 seats were filled. I work 8 to 5 M-F, so it is difficult to play hooky and go to the casinos. Any advice? I am anxious to play.

On the tapes you mentioned the Oneida casino in Syracuse. It that still a good place to play in the afternoon-early evening? That might be an option for me to get there later in the spring or summer. Or, are there any NBJ players were are playing on the Riverboats who might want to join me for team play. Maybe there will be more strength in numbers.

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Here's my advice: be there when people are getting tired and leaving. There is something wonderful that happens when people leave the table. It can create a player bias. It is very hard for the casino to keep the tables packed when people are leaving. Yes I know, you have to be there at 3AM or some shit like that. Take it like a man.

Don't push a bad situation. The cards will kick your ass if you play in crowded conditions.

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