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The European NO-Hole card game and automatic shufflers

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I have some questions for all NBJ and WCB players here.

1. Do you believe that playing a game with no hole card can expect the same advantages using NBJ and WCB as a game with a hole card? There is no hole card read!

2. Do you believe that automatic shufflers can be altered and/or used to exploit a particular player's playing strategy?

3. Do you think that playing a game with no hole card and that uses an automatic shuffler is possible to take advantage of using NBJ and WCB?

My belief is that many play decisions are made using the hole card read, therefore, how can I know the correct decision to hit or to stand without the dealers hole card? It seems to take half the strategy out of NBJ and WCB and leaves it to the "luck of the draw." There is no telling whether the dealers hand is weak or strong.

Please post your thoughts and suggestions. There are NO games where I live that use hole cards for the dealer. And there is only ONE casino that hand shuffles but only for the next year until it upgrades to a bigger and "better" casino across the street. I'm stuck!angry

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I was told in a game liked such in AC. All players hit liked crazy included the one who had 19 when they saw the dealer had 20.

I am also wondering if playing like this will it affect the card flow ?

Is it better to play or avoid such games ?

Zenwin. ;)

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