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The STAR math-based progression BJ System

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I had my eyes replaced with plastic parts in April in Tijuana, Mexico along with two root canals. This added to my 6 open-chest surgeries at the Bajanor Hospital located just over the US Border at TJ, Mexico in the last 48 months.

I wrote a 33 page article on my 4 month stay at the Bajanor Hospital , from June to Sept. 15th ). When I asked for my Hospital bill, I was told... " There is no bill Jimmy, you were our guest...JESSS ! ... 4 Months ... no charge ! )

The Fresno Bee newspaper published my story on the web.

The producer of 20/20, in NYNY, read it and flew me to NY for a 90 minute interview with John Stossel. I was on his "Sick in America " program last yr.

You can view the trip to Bajanor Hospital that the 20/20 film crew and the KFSN Channel 30 -ABC film crews, and I, took back to Bajanor Hospital by going to Google and typing in :

KFSN 30 JAMES DODD .... search....up pops on the first search- line my video story of how I by-passed the over-billing, bloated US Healthcare System for treatment in Mexico.....I hope you like it.

Anyway ;

I have been reading the STAR 89-page gambling system. I find the progression betting scale much like the ones promoted on this site.

I have been using a neg. progression in my Ca. Indian Casino's. I use 5,8,13,20,35,50,75,100.

If I win once, I go back one step, win 2 go back 2-steps, two more wins ...back two more steps to base-unit betting, over and over ..stay at base unit betting until a step is lost.

Lose a bet go up one step, lose another bet ....go up a step ....on and on until a win.

In my last two trips, I have had major draw-downs when I first get to playing. On my last trip, I was down - $1,200.00 before coming back using my above progressions + $ 1,250.00 .....jessss....alot of hrs of playing to get back to a little over even.

I have been reading the STAR System has a pre-qualifing betting progression that preceeds stepping into the full-blown STAR progression ladder. It has betting stops and recovery games built-in.

It seems that using the STAR 5-step pre qualifing system would kill-off my losing start-up draw-down problems....hummmm ?

Has anyone had any luck using the STAR system ? I plan on back-testing the bee-jees out of it.

On page 5 of the STAR manual it states :

" The Star System was put to Dr. Wilson's " acid test " three times and it passed all three times.

In other words, we took a six hundred dollar bankroll and parlayed it into over fourty-eight hundred dollars,six consecutive times, while playing the game of Blackjack.

Remenber, this is the result of a strictly 100% mechanical betting system ( no card counting ). The average bet was six dollars and the total play time was 108 hours. "

This week I plan on back-testing the STAR using Zumma's blackjack system testing books.

Thoughts..... extremely.... welcome ?


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Kiddo, All....

Go to www.gamblersglen.com It is a free gaming board. When you get to the opening page, at the upper left, is : GG MESSAGE BOARD ...click it and at the top right is the heading : " VIEW TODAYS ACTIVE TOPICS " ....click it and go to the tread of : THE BJ " STAR SYSTEM " SEEMS TO WORK," I am W7.

The STAR SYSTEM is 89 pages long and is a free system. I would send it to you but my computer e-mail is broken....ask for it on that board and you will get several copies sent to you.

After back-testing the STAR system I have modified it to my likings. I posted how I did it today on GG.

Best Regards,




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Good Morning all.....

A new Bacc, craps and roulete system was posted on www.GamblersGlen.com last night.

I bench tested it with steller results (so far ) over a few baccarat and 300 PL/DP results I recorded at a Reno Casino.

Go to .... " View today's active topics " click on bar and open .. " WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO WIN ? "

Larry's system appears to have legs ...test it yourself.



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