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I'd like to know how often and when do you play two or even three hands.

My theory based on personal experimentation is that each shoe (I cannot say each game) has its own preferred number of players (hands) when the cards are not overclumped. When the cards are overclumped though, it becomes another ball game. There may not be a better number of players.


Do you mix it up in the course of a shoe? One hand, two hand, one hand. If so, when do you do it?

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I usually play 2 or 3 hands to eat up a low card run so we can get to the high cards (or we should... depending on how long the clumps run). In a random deck, what you see is short term anyway because i don't think changing hands has ever helped me in a random deck. I know you're trying to create a winning shoe by giving the cold hand to the dealer yes it appears every shoe has its number of players ... and a even distro 3 Players + 1 Dealers makes zippers work well for the dealer. 10 5 10 5-D, 5 10 5 10 .. so now if the dealers up card is 5 (low card) and the last card was 10 in the zipper... good chance the next card is low and the dealer pats ... you probably seen this happen.. everyone stands on their stiff, with the dealer showing a low card 2-6, but the dealer pats! I've seen this numerous times too often to just be random. It's those zippers. Now if the first card is low in the deal of a zipper

5-10-5-10D, 5-10-5-10D ... dealer has a nice 20 ... so maybe it's better to keep the table odd ;)

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