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6 to 5 blackjack in Vegas

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I was in Las Vegas last week and I almost fell off my chair on Friday at Bill's Gambling House.

I was playing the shoe game and got a blackjack with a $40 bet. When I got paid there was a bunch of white chips out there. What the hell was that? "This is 6 to 5 blackjack said the dealer after her $48 payoff. A shoe game with 6/5 blackjack. I could not believe it.

Until then I was winning. I lost the next hand and then I had 16 vs 10. I said I surrender ans she started laughing. She was waiting for my signal. I repeated. I surrender. "No surrender" here.

I got up and since the pit boss was there. I told her. This is horrible. This is the worst shoe game I've ever seen. You will never see me here again.

The pit boss told me that most of Harrah's casinos were doing the 6/5 blackjack nowadays and that they had lost a lot of players. No wonder.

How greedy! I just hope this 6/5 blackjack doesn't take off on the strip or anywhere else.

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