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A site with shoes for testing?

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Hi all,

Does anyone know a site with some shoes so i could use them for testing?

If someone knows such a site please leave me a link or the name of the site

Thank you.

Well, that's an odd thing. Trying to find a bank of live shoes is difficult to say the least. I've gleaned a bunch of them from this site by going through the threads and pulling out small reports and details from various trip reports. I've also downloaded a bunch of live shoe data from casinovittoriosa.com where they have live dealers and the like. You have to hunt a bit for them, but once you log in, you can get about a month's worth of live dealt hands all in once place.

There is also a thread here in the public area where one of the mods has started to post up shoes.

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1. bodog.com

2 . If you want to get the software the two available right now is from Lee Jones (Win@Baccarat) and Dennis Suggs (Baccarat Buster). These are the two software that is meant for serious baccarat players since you are playing with 8 decks as opposed to a random number generator that gives you unlimited shoes.

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