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Hi Hans here i would love to know what you guys are talking about you all talk in another language to any new people on the site. Mark was helpful sent me a page of acronyms but there are so many more you guys use. trying to workout what you are talking about very difficult. (impossible)

What does RDI, f series, F2, M2, F3, RD-H, Hybrid, RDI-H, See new people have no idea what all these are Can anyone help thanks

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RD1 = is a system, see the related thread

F series = regards 2 twin systems F2/F3 see related thread

F2 = Follow the 2s: bet under a 2 in a row till another 2 is formed, then switch side (stay at leats 3 bets on the same side after a switch)

F3 = Follow the 3s: same as above but with 3s

M2 = Mandatory 2: every 1 bet (won or lost) goes to 2

RDH = same as below

RD1H = RD1 (system) hybrid is explained in details in Maverick's system thread #503 pg.51

Hybrid = mixing things from many sources

Hope that this helps




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